Royal highway

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The Royal Highway
Geographical Information
Location: Transdariania, Sresar Vale, Ruthmarna, Arania, Leptatarna, Elvendeep
Geographical Features: Merchants, Traders, Provincial Guard, Highwaymen
Region In: Arangoth


The Royal Highway is an old system of roads that connect most of the Grand Confenderation of Duchies, which originally began at the Iron Bridge over the Darian and runs past the Drachean Ironworks on its way out of the city, serving as one of its main overland trade routes that extended off into the former Kingdom of Arangoth to supply these regions. Over the years more roads have been constructed and interlinked, and the system now links a respectable portion of the duchies, and even extends far west enough to serve as an overland route for Elvendeep trade, while its northern reaches have attempted to bridge the gap with trade partners beyond its borders.