Sajaad Talaes

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Sajaad Talaes
Vital Stats
Full Name: Sajaad Talaes
Age: 29
Date of Birth: 10.IX.458
Place of Birth: The Tyhinn Empire
Race: Half-breed Elf
Hair Color: Platinum/White Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120
Additional Information
Occupation: Ambassador to Southern Affairs
Marital Status: Married
Player: User:Ayanula


Born amongst the Southlands of The Tyhinn Empire, Sajaad was the daughter of an immigrant elf father, who had been driven northward from Elvendeep via the Zul Kiras border as an escaped prisoner of war. Her mother was a human who hailed from a hamlet along the Tyhinn's Southlands.

Growing up in strife, Sajaad's family relocated numerous times - due to continual orcish cross-border raids - before making the final trek over the mountains and into the capital of Xetid. There, she grew up teaching elfish to wealthy politicians who wished to forge an alliance with Elvendeep. Her academic pursuits ultimately led her to being brought along as a translator for a Tyhinn military attache to Elvendeep. Her linguistic skills earned her a name amongst the diplomatic world of the Tyhinn Empire.

Soon, she'd slowly begin to find herself brought into a more conventional role as an advisor to elven affairs once it was realized that she had begun to forge ties to the Elvendeep elite. As tensions began to escalate amongst the Tyhinn-Zul Kiras border, she was advanced to the title of Ambassador to Southern Affairs. Such a title carried with it the responsibility of establishing formal diplomatic ties with bordering nations along Zul Kiras and to form military alliances.

However, it should be noted that many of her own advisers are part of the Tyhinn Empire's cloak and dagger operation. Thus, much of her policy-building efforts are pre-determined and strictly guided by established military strategy and the interests of Xetid's provocateurs. Rather than representing the autonomous cooperation of the Tyhinn Empire, Sajaad is more of a diplomatic puppet in this respect.

Involvement with Southern Arangoth

After several correspondences were drafted to Asnerith Dreth to establish negotiations over a military alliance against the United Clans, plans were drafted for Sajaad and a small attache to sail for the port city of Drache to work out formal plans with the southern Sithire of Transdariania. Much of this plan revolved around the shared profit of an ambitious endeavor to dredge a channel that would bisect Veth's upper peninsula and effectively create a major short-cut for trade routes via The Great Canal.

After the military alliance was ratified, Sajaad entrusted many of the formalities of setting up a Residency within Drache to the Resident Minister, Hydek Tuseell.

Great Canal Alliance

After the completion of the Canal was finalized in 488, the Tyhinns have continued to maintain a strong military alliance as operations continue on the border with Zul Kiras. Though leadership has questioned Southern Arangoth's keen interest in pursuing military engagements beyond fortification, Sajaad has become the principal staple in negotiating an adherence to mutual interests - especially with a focus on containment and security of commerce moving through the Canal without hinderance.