Sanctum Arcana

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Sanctum Arcana
Location: Off the Coast of Drache
Type of Business: Mage Guild
Notable Employees: Isabelle Auxerre


Beyond the city limits, on a spit of land stretching into the sea, a tower looms toward the sky. Whether an illusion or physically built that tall is anyone’s guess, as the builders aren’t saying. Needless to say, the tower always seems to have a room for those mages who seek sanctuary and learning with its walls. Gargoyle statues line the single road leading to the Sanctum Arcana, their eyes seeming to follow all who pass by. Elaborate gardens surround the tower, carefully tended beds boasting an array of herbs and flowers used in alchemical concoctions.

The interior is physics-defyingly huge. It is enchanted to accommodate a much larger space than was physically possible for the structure of the outside tower. It is an impressive feat of magic created by the founder of the guild, Annanistael. The open space is marked by marble pillars running up to the vaulted ceiling high above. Benches and fountains dot the space between them, grouped up in conversational arrangements. On the western wall, a massive archway made of dark brick contrasting with the pale stone of the tower could be seen. A shimmer of light fills the space inside it, suggesting that this is an enchanted portal for use of the guild. Mage lamps are clustered like coconuts on every other pillar, lighting the room. A reception desk is directly ahead of the main door on the far wall.


All mages are welcome. Anyone who seeks to add their name to the ledger will undergo testing to determine their magical strength and aptitude. Their assigned rank determines access to the tower resources.

While no annual fees are due, members are expected to assist in guild assignments. Those who do not fulfill their assigned tasks will be given one warning. Upon a second strike, their access to the tower shall be revoked.

Rank Structure

  • Archmage
  • Sage - A council of nine who serve under the Archmage
  • Senior Magus - This rank is assigned to those who choose to teach
  • Magus
  • Adept
  • Apprentice
  • Initiate - granted to those students who display the spark for magic but have no formal training


The Sanctum has everything a mage could need to hone their craft, as well as teachers and guides for those seeking to expand their learning. The tower houses a library, several alchemist labs, private rooms for members, and a dining hall.

Guild Layout

The main floor of the tower serves as a meeting place for mages and visitors to sit and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. A desk is always manned to welcome visitors and new students.

A magical doorway stands on the western curve of the wall. With a word or thought, it will whisk the mage passing through to their destination. If they attempt to go somewhere for which they do not have access, it will instead bring them to the main floor.

  • Living quarters range from shared three person rooms for initiates to comfortable suites for the senior mages. Windows afford beautiful views of the surrounding lands, ocean, or the city itself.
  • The Great Dining Hall boasts several long banquet tables. The menu is fixed, but the options are plentiful. No one goes hungry. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served. One can even receive an afternoon cup of tea.
  • The library appears to take up three levels all on its own, with spiralling staircases and air elementals bound in service to the head librarian.


The Sanctum seeks to serve Drache in any way possible, whether it be providing alchemical lights, measures to clear pollution from the rivers, or magical expertise and assistance in city matters.