Senkessa Silak

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Senkessa Silak
Senkessa Silak
The Honourable Senkessa ul-Alaford Silak
Vital Stats
Full Name: Senkessa ul-Alaford Silak
Age: 27
Date of Birth: 25.V.460
Place of Birth: Hornath ul Marfed, Arangoth
Race: Human
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Amber
Height: 5'8
Additional Information
Nickname: Kessa
Religion: Menxism
Occupation: Magistrate of Drache
Marital Status: Widowed
Player: Nymphetamine

Character Background

The eldest of twins born to Alaford Silak and his wife, Olinxa, Senkessa is the only daughter of the couple. The first few years of her life, Senkessa lived in Horneth ul-Marfed until her father decided to move the entire family south to the slowly expanding fishing hamlet of Drache. There, she grew up with her twin brother, Sivath and her older brother, Donovath among the children of other enterprising merchants who had come to expand the port of Drache into the metropolis it has become.

Alaford Silak was determined that his children would follow in his footsteps. Senkessa received a merchant's education beside her two brothers. Learning arithmetic and other mathematics, diplomacy and negotiation, and how to read and write, she studied the various arts required to manage the textile importation and exportation business her father had begun to build. Her mother, Olinxa tried to pass down the womanly arts of cooking and sewing, to round out Senkessa's education. Olinxa's passing when Senkessa was six ended those lessons for several years while Alaford mourned his wife. It wasn't until Senkessa turned ten that he finally hired a woman named Laila Bernet to act as governesss to the twins.

At the age of thirteen, when legally an adult by Arangothian law, Senkessa was betrothed to a young man only two years her senior by the name of Aidrith ul-Kynem Galerod. He was dispatched to Outer Arangoth to fight against the orc tribes of Zul Kiras before their marriage. Senkessa waited faithfully until his return, which came two years later. They were married in the Arangothian custom. Tragedy followed, as Aidrith grew ill. Healers were at a loss of what had not only caused the sickness, but how to treat it. Six months after their marriage, Aidrith died, leaving Senkessa a very young widow.

In the wake of her husband's death, Senkessa refused to remarry.

Physical Description

Senkessa is a human woman, roughly 5'7 in height with an average build. She is naturally pale, but darkens into a tan sometimes in the spring and summer, depending on how much time is spent in her vegetable garden. Her dark brown hair is cut to just below the shoulders and somewhat wavy. The most notable feature are her eyes, which are a striking, warm amber colour, a trait she shares with both her twin brother and their father.

Her fashion choices range towards more modest, both in style and textile. Despite being the daughter of a wealthy cloth merchant, she usually dresses somewhat conservatively. Alternating between skirts and dresses, and trousers, Senkessa opts for functionality before fashion. As a Magistrate of Drache, she prefers clothing that makes her look presentable. She has been known to break from her casual style, to dress in more flashy gowns for high society functions, though this is few and far between as she eschews much of those obligations. Cotton, wool and occasionally silk are her usual fabric choices. Senkessa prefers more muted tones, or colours that don't show dirt, as she enjoys tending her garden. Jewel tones favour her naturally colouring, but are usually reserved for special occasions.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Senkessa has a green thumb and enjoys spending time in her vegetable and herb gardens in the spring and winter.

She has a decent singing voice but is often times too shy to use it in the company of others.

Other Information

Has two brothers, one older, Donnovath and her twin and younger brother, Sivath.

Her day maid, Perilla usually oversees the domestic chores of the small house she owns.

Senkessa has been linked romantically to Korthai captain, Emir Deyash in the weeks following his trial, where they met. During the Korthai's off season, he has been living with her.

Totally the hottest magistrate.