Senkessa Silak-Dekhal

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Senkessa Silak-Dekhal
General Information
Full Name: Senkessa ul-Alaford Silak-Dekhal
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Date of Birth: 25.V.460
Country of Origin: Hornath ul Marfed, Arangoth
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Amber
Height: 5’8
Weight: 130lbs
Additional Information
Aliases: Kessa
Religion: Menxism
Creed: Live for the moment
Occupation: Former magistrate, Korthai
Income: Moderate
Marital Status: Widowed
Player: Nemmiecakes


The eldest of twins born to Alaford Silak and his wife, Olinxa, Senkessa is the only daughter of the couple. The first few years of her life, Senkessa lived in Horneth ul-Marfed until her father decided to move the entire family south to the slowly expanding fishing hamlet of Drache. There, she grew up with her twin brother, Sivath and her older brother, Donovath among the children of other enterprising merchants who had come to expand the port of Drache into the metropolis it has become.

Alaford Silak was determined that his children would follow in his footsteps. Senkessa received a merchant's education beside her two brothers. Learning arithmetic and other mathematics, diplomacy and negotiation, and how to read and write, she studied the various arts required to manage the textile importation and exportation business her father had begun to build. Her mother, Olinxa tried to pass down the womanly arts of cooking and sewing, to round out Senkessa's education. Olinxa's passing when Senkessa was six ended those lessons for several years while Alaford mourned his wife. It wasn't until Senkessa turned ten that he finally hired a woman named Laila Bernet to act as governess to the twins.

At the age of thirteen, when legally an adult by Arangothian law, Senkessa was betrothed to a young man only two years her senior by the name of Aidrith ul-Kynem Galerod. He was dispatched to Outer Arangoth to fight against the orc tribes of Zul Kiras before their marriage. Senkessa waited faithfully until his return, which came two years later. They were married in the Arangothian custom. Tragedy followed, as Aidrith grew ill. Healers were at a loss of what had not only caused the sickness, but how to treat it. Six months after their marriage, Aidrith died, leaving Senkessa a very young widow.

In the wake of her husband's death, Senkessa refused to remarry, much to her scheming father’s annoyance. It wasn’t until a few years later that Senkessa took some classes about civics and the local laws, and eventually won a seat as a magistrate in Drache. There she served the city for several years. She lived alone in her mother’s house in the Merchant District, and tended to her garden.

In the summer of 487, she had a case come before her regarding a Korthai man named Emir Deyash’s assault on a Menxrukian. While impartiality was required of her, she did not look favourably on Menxrukians in general, and gave the Korthai a light sentence. After the trial, he proceeded to pursue her romantically. Senkessa eventually gave into the experience, and ignited an affection for the brash man. He began to live at her house during the off season that winter. Taking pity on Senkessa’s rather uptight upbringing and confinement to Drache, Emir took his ship, the Dazla Berash on a number of pleasure jaunts with Senkessa aboard.

Some months later, in the early summer of 488, Senkessa encountered another Korthai, a woman by the name of Nadalenn Dekhal. They struck up an odd sort of acquaintance,with Senkessa deeply admiring the independence and freedom that the Korthai woman enjoyed. Unbeknownst to Senkessa at that time, Nadalenn had decided that since the Drachean woman had attended the Kesset Korthai in the previous year, that she must be adopted into the Korthai. When it was time for Nadalenn to depart from Drache, she invited Senkessa aboard her ship, that resulted in seeing Nadalenn and her crew off in style. Nadalenn got Senkessa too drunk to return to shore, and sailed off with the magistrate. By the time Senkessa woke up, they were far too far from Drache, and Nadalenn refused to sail back, as the crew was wanting to get back their home port in the Green Sea. Seeing as that Nadalenn had no intention of putting to sail again until it was time to show up at the Kesset Korthai in the fall, Senkessa was put to work learning the various, less skilled tasks aboard the ship, and then eventually tending to the jala plantation. Nadalenn adopted Senkessa, and allowed her to take her family name, which Senkessa has appended to her name formally in use.

Meanwhile, her family in Drache set about looking for her to no avail. Emir also went on the hunt. They were not reunited until several months later, at the Kesset Korthai, and it was not on easy terms. They struck a relative compromise about the scenario that chilled their relationship, but eventually they were able to recover.

Currently, Senkessa has given up her life as a Drachean magistrate, and spends her time aboard the Dazla Berash, contributing to ship life in whatever way she can, usually in the galley. She cannot bring herself to commit to the harsh raider’s life, and generally stays below deck when the Korthai engage in their trade. Despite that, she has begun to learn how to fight with light weapons, if only to protect herself if things topside got too hairy.


Senkessa is usually an even sort of woman. When her temper is provoked, she is known to become quite passionate and impulsive; she has definitely thrown things in anger at whomever offended her. It would seem that her romantic attachments also tends to make her somewhat irrational, as she was not used to those sorts of feelings. Despite this, she is normally a steady person, and capable of thinking her way through things with logic.

She has found a freedom in the Korthai culture, and has embraced it widely since her adoption. This has spurred her into a fierce streak of independence, especially from her home and family.

Physical Description

Senkessa is a human woman, roughly 5'8 in height with an average build. She is naturally pale, but darkens into a tan sometimes in the spring and summer, depending on how much time is spent in her vegetable garden, or out at sea with the Korthai. Her dark brown hair is cut to just below the shoulders and somewhat wavy. The most notable feature are her eyes, which are a striking, warm amber colour, a trait she shares with both her twin brother and their father.

Her fashion choices range towards more modest, both in style and textile. Despite being the daughter of a wealthy cloth merchant, she usually dresses somewhat conservatively. Alternating between skirts and dresses, and trousers, Senkessa opts for functionality before fashion. As a Magistrate of Drache, she prefers clothing that makes her look presentable. She has been known to break from her casual style, to dress in more flashy gowns for high society functions, though this is few and far between as she eschews much of those obligations. Cotton, wool and occasionally silk are her usual fabric choices. Senkessa prefers more muted tones, or colours that don't show dirt, as she enjoys tending her garden. Jewel tones favour her naturally colouring, but are usually reserved for special occasions.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

Senkessa is a normal human being. Since joining the Korthai, she has developed her strength and dexterity to perform the various tasks aboard ship required of her. While she is still quite the novice at weapons work, her reflexes have been improving.

Mundane Skills

  • Cooking: Senkessa has modest cooking skills and is able to prepare a number of different foods in a satisfactory manner. She is even able to bake simple pastries like fruit pies.
  • Green Thumb: Through no magical means, Senkessa is naturally gifted at horticulture. One of her favourite hobbies in Drache was to tend to her garden. She was quite skilled at managing a vegetable patch, as well as flowers, and has turned this skill towards helping out in the jala plantations when the ship is in port.
  • Languages: Senkessa is able to speak Arangothek, Common, Deepish and Ruthmarnan dwarvish fluently. She was educated in these languages as a child, and has had some occasion to use them in her life in Drache.
  • Literacy: Senkessa is literate in Arangothek, Common, Deepish and Ruthmarnan dwarvish. This was meant to serve her life as a textile merchant, and she had been instructed in these languages as a child.
  • Weapon Skills: Senkessa is learning how to use a shortsword and dagger, in a method that utilizes her smaller size and speed. She is still very much the novice at these skills, but is continuing to improve them through practice.

Magic Skills

Senkessa has no magical skills.



  • Dagger: A small, six inch dagger made of Deepish steel, acquired in trade in Elvendeep. The dark wood hilt has been bound in steel threads and features a small piece of amber in the pommel.
  • Shortsword: A fifteen inch sword made of Deepish steel, also acquired in Elvendeep. Its hilt is pale birch and bound in steel threads, with a small piece of amber in its pommel.


  • Leather Jerkin: Senkessa owns a custom made, black leather jerkin that fits her well. It is primarily used for her weapons practicing, but has also been worn when the crew is preparing to raid.


  • House in Drache: Senkessa owns a small, two storied house in the Merchant District of Drache. It is currently tenanted by her twin brother Siveth, with her maid Parilla tending to its cleanliness.