Siraz'jah Av'Zathrak

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The Arch Priestess of Gulanadur and Matron of House Av'Zathrak, Siraz'jah Av'Zathrak regularly returns to Drache as one of her favourite cities in Veth.

Siraz'jah Av'Zathrak

Siraz'jah prior to receiving the markings of the Litany of Asherta
Vital Stats
Full Name: Siraz'jah Av'Zathrak, Arch Priestess of Asherta, Matron of House Av'Zathrak
Age: 445
Place of Birth: Gulanadur
Race: Dark Elf
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue with gold flecks
Height: 5'5
Additional Information
Nickname: Siraz
Religion: Faith of the Dual Faced Goddess
Occupation: Priestess, Ambassador to Drache
Marital Status: Unmarried
Player: Nymphetamine

Character Background

The first of three children, Siraz'jah was born to the merchant house, Av'Zathrak. From an early age, she was obsessed with the Faith of the Dual Faced Lady and would routinely sneak away from her home to seek out the clerics of the Temple. Though it was intended that she be the heir to the house's financial businesses, it was clear early on that her vocation was the priesthood. Soon after the birth of her younger brother, Jadmai, she joined the priesthood as a junior acolyte.

Physical Description

Siraz is a buxom Gulanadurian dark elf fond of flaunting her endowments whenever possible, usually more apt to dress for presentation rather than function. Like many dark elves, she has stark white hair, long past her shoulders, and straight. Her dark skin has a somewhat bluish tint to it, and has been ritualistically tattooed and scarred with the Litany of Asherta, a religious text. These markings extend from her cheeks, down the sides of her neck and shoulders, down both arms, her sides, hips and the outside of her legs, the tops of her feet, and down her spine. The white script is etched delicately with carefully marked scarification, giving the words a slight, upraised pattern. These markings are maintained regularly, with touch ups done to the pale ink when necessary. Her eyes are a clear, gemstone blue; in the last decade, they have taken on flecks of gold, which seemingly grow more dominant the more emotional the woman grows. For her people, she is shorter than average. Her figure is trim and kept well maintained with regular exercise. The priestess is a graceful and sultry woman, well used to displaying herself to her advantage.

For clothing, she is most fond of silks in all weights, leather, and filmy gauze or lace, and gold jewelry. She is always seen in public with an assortment of rings, a jointed finger armour in gold that curls into a talon over her right index finger, bracelets, necklaces and several earrings, as well as a cap on her left ear to hide the fact the tip was cut off at some point in her history. Siraz always appears well dressed, her makeup always well done and her hair styled to some degree. Her sense of fashion is influenced by the lack of weather in Gulanadur; in summer, she wears sandals and light silks, by winter, she will be more bundled up than a Najjira woman. Typically, she prefers either revealing or tight clothes and is especially fond of corsets.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Siraz'jah is blessed by her goddess in a few different ways. She has faster than average reflexes and speed. Magic cast directly at her is absorbed and transmuted into bio-kinetic energy, extending her stamina, fortitude and speed past normal limits. Her blue eyes have flecks of gold in them that seem to move; they have been known to glow at times. As a ritual caster, Siraz can perform certain spells, invoking her goddess's power. At times, she has performed as a seer, or directly channeled one or both aspects of her goddess. Known as the Voice of Asherta, she can speak with either aspect's voice and will.

As a priestess of Asherta and Anasati, Siraz was trained in hand to hand combat and poisons. Preferring agility over strength, she is a quick, nimble fighter that uses daggers and short swords. She has some knowledge of first aid and triage. She has the uncanny knack of reading another person's ambitions and passions, like many of the other priestesses in her order. Called to service at a young age, she has always known that her life would be dedicated to her goddess.

Unlike many Gulanadurians, Siraz has always been curious of the surface world. The ritual of submission to Asherta required her to travel all over the continent of Veth for several years for reagents. Her travels educated her in a number of different languages besides Common or Gulanadurian, and exposed her to many different cultures. She is far less xenophobic than many of her people and has made efforts to change that. In many ways, she is her queen's diplomat to the surface, and has opened a number of different trade avenues for both Gulanadur and her house.

Siraz has a fondness for opium, to the point of addiction at several points in her life. Other vices include tobacco and alcohol, hedonism and the occasional fight. She is known for being somewhat reckless about throwing herself headlong into danger, a pattern which has been somewhat dampened since giving birth to her daughter.

Other Information

Siraz'jah is the eldest of three of the main branch of House Av'Zathrak. She has a brother, Jadmai, who was exiled during the scandal with House Elam'shin, and a sister, Mizra'lier, whose treasonous actions against the Crown in the last few years have resulted in a death sentence if she can be taken captive. There an assortment of Av'Zathrak cousins that are considered a part of the House, who owe fealty to Siraz, despite her position as priestess in the temple.

In 482, by the Arangothian calendar, Siraz gave birth to a half human daughter whom she named Phae'ira. As it stands currently, Phae'ira is Siraz's intended heir, despite her half breed status. Definite paternity of Phae'ira has never been confirmed publicly in Drache or Gulanadur. It has been strongly speculated that Phae'ira's heavily touched, in some manner, by the goddess, Anasati, to whom Siraz has dedicated her life serving as priestess.

The tip of her left ear is missing. It was removed during a brutal assault as a warning to Szin'ilzt Vyz'crul long before her ascension to Arch Priestess.