The Assi Creation Myth

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Legends and Lore of the Assi

Volume: The Creation of the World

The Creation Myth, Verse One

“So met in the blackness the Mother of Creation (Th) and the Father of Creation (Te). The Father did merge with the Mother and become radiant light. The Mother did merge with the Father and glittered like the stars. The Universe was born.” Th and Te appear in the Assi myths and legends and consistently symbolize the male and female aspects of nature. The male being violent and changing (the myths never deal with death, only change from one state to another) and the female being a universal life force, or the fabric of creation as it is some times called (the world and universe are almost always referred to as "Creation"). It should be noted that while the universe was created, the actual world comes along much later in the time line--from six to eight thousand years later, according to some Ietsai.

The Creation Myth, Verse Two

The Builders. “So it was that the Mother and the Father did bring forth four children to perfect their unity and give it meaning. They were two sons and two daughters. The sons Gaei and Saei and the daughters Maei and Aaei. So Gaei shaped the Mother into the Earth, and so Saei shaped the Father into the Sun. So did Maei and Aaei nurture the earth and bring forth life. So did the world come to be.” Gaei, Saei, Maei and Aaei represent Earth and Fire, the male elements, and Water and Air, the female elements. It is the four "Builders" who are actually credited with the creation of the earth and the birth of the gods. They also tend to be held in a higher regard than any other gods.

The Creation Myth, Verse Three & Four

The Children of the Builders and the Stewards. This verse is a pedigree of the gods descended from the creators. Following the Creation of the world, the four Builders set to populating a race of "Custodians" to watch over the world. Gaei wed Maei, and Saei wed Aaei. Their descendants are as follows: Gaei & Maei: Ath (AH-th), Eth (EH-th), Ith (IE-th), Oth (OH-th), Uth (YOU-th); all female. Saei & Aaei: At (AT), Et (EH-t), It (IE-t), Ot (OH-t), Ut (YOU-t); all male. The second part of the verse is devoted to the powers which each of the ten children chose.

Name: Ath. Gender: Female. Symbol/Spirit: The Oak. Gemstone: Emerald. Dominates: Knowledge and Wisdom, Protection

Name: At. Gender: Male. Symbol/Spirit: The Wolf. Gemstone: Ruby. Dominates: Hunting and Harvests, as well as Luck

Name: Eth. Gender: Female. Symbol/Spirit: The Reed. Gemstone: Coral. Dominates: Lakes, streams, rivers and seas. Life and Healing.

Name: Et. Gender: Male. Symbol/Spirit: The Falcon. Gemstone: Sapphire. Dominates: The Future, Time and the Winds.

Name: Ith. Gender: Female. Symbol/Spirit: The Maple. Gemstone: Agate. Dominates: Sleep and Dreams.

Name: It. Gender: Male. Symbol/Spirit: The Horse. Gemstone: Turquoise. Dominates: Speed and Endurance.

Name: Oth. Gender: Female. Symbol/Spirit: The Redwood. Gemstone: Granite. Dominates: Mystery and Law. The strength of nature.

Name: Ot. Gender: Male. Symbol/Spirit: The Newt. Gemstone: Jet. Dominates: Change, Death, The Dead.

Name: Uth. Gender: Female. Symbol/Spirit: The Elder. Gemstone: Amber. Dominates: Fertility and Rebirth.

Name: Ut. Gender: Male. Symbol/Spirit: The Sparrow. Gemstone: Jade. Dominates: Music and Song, History and Joy.

At some point during the height of Assi power these beings went from being worshiped as Gods to being worshiped as animal spirits. In the following verse the Gods themselves wed and produced children known as the Stewards. They were to watch over the earth. When the gods "Grew tired of their flesh they transcended into spirit leaving their power in their stones of worship. They did leave the stones of power to their children to watch over creation." That passage sums up, in a nutshell, the transfer from gods to the near-mortal Stewards. The "Stones of Power" are the gemstones listed with each god or goddess.

The Creation Myth, Verse Five

The Coming of Man. “So it was that the stewards took up the power left to them by the children of the builders and did make war upon each other. They did rend the earth and mar creation. So it came to pass that a flaming star fell to earth. From it stepped man. He held in one hand the flaming heart of the father and in the other the icy heart of the mother. He did wipe the earth clean of the stewards and claim all the world for himself.” It is unclear why the Stewards made war on each other, or where the Man came from, as both details are not elaborated much upon in any of the legends told. However, the Heart of the Mother and the Heart of the Father are two very legendary artifacts (along with the Stones of Power) which appear from time to time in later legends. The entire verse is quite cryptic, and there is much symbolism to be drawn from it.