The Bloody Fifth

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The Bloody Fifth Regiment

Said to be one of the most elite Infantry Regiments in all of Arangoth the Bloody Fifth Regiment is the pride of House Dreth and the vanguard of offensive and defensive operations in the north west ( Minkbrantha ).

The Fifth is known specifically for several successful campaigns and operations, including the Garrison of Drache during the Civil War.

Their success in combat is attributed to several factors. The soldiers and knights of the Bloody Fifth are fanatical, their entire society revolves around military service and they are indoctrinated in the culture from birth. Those selected as Knights and On-Duty train from age 8 until age 16 before being sent into the regular force. Their reserves are bolstered and lead by tested veterans. Their equipment is top notch. House Dreth commands the unit directly, and all of their children are trained tacticians and strategists.


The Bloody Fifth is comprised of 3 components, Knights, On Duty, and Reserve.

  • Knights - Selected from the Active Component. These soldiers have completed the Trials of the Sword and established themselves as particularly potent leaders or combatants during their training. To be Knighted they must have survived at least one battle. The knights serve as officers, elite guards and, during war, a 100 man cavalry company.
  • On Duty - The men and women of the 'on duty' component of the Fifth Regiment also must complete the Trials of the Sword, though do not score well enough, or lack the requirements to become a Knight. Instead, they serve for eight years on active duty with the Bloody Fifth. When they are not deployed forward they are routinely training. These professional, elite soldiers make up the bulk of the Fifth's regular forces. After their eight years of service On Duty soldiers are allowed to retire to the reserve and return home. Though they may stay on duty indefinitely, or until their leadership feels they no longer serve the needs of the unit.
  • Reserve - The Reserve component of the Bloody Fifth is scarcely a peasant Army. Comprised of hardened veterans from the On Duty component who have retired, often serving as leaders and trainers, and those who lacked the traits to complete the Trials of the Sword the reserve can bolster, reinforce, or swell the Fifth's troop numbers quickly. They train several times per month, including 'alert' drills that allow them to maintain their rapid deployment capability. Their equipment, well not quite as modernized as the On Duty soldiers, is often from the most recent generation of equipment issue and by most standards better than the enemies.

Current Campaigns

Geographical Map of The Southlands of the Tyhinn Empire, as divided upon military lines

Operation Stalwart Serpent

Following the signing of a treaty between Asnerith Dreth, Sithire of Minkbrantha and the Tyhenese Empire portions of the Bloody Fifth and the Combined Forces of Minkbrantha are mobilizing to conduct Area Seizure and Defense during the Tyhenese Great Canal construction. This project is estimated to take two or more years and will stretch from the Tyhenese ports of Atholu along the Bay of Tszamoor to the Naval Fort of Tilois along the Inland Sea.

The enemy belligerents in the area consist primarily of the Zul Kiran Orc tribes, however irregulars and special troops from the horse tribes may conduct raid and harassing operations.

Concept of Operations, as written by Sithire Asnerith Dreth

This operation is two phased and simple. The Bloody Fifth Regiment will function as the Command Cell throughout the campaign. During the offensive phase they will provide a Vanguard, demolishing large enemy formations and bypassing smaller units. Following the Fifth will be the Combined Forces of Minkbrantha, which will destroy the bypassed units and secure territory. Once a geographically significant section of land is taken and stabilized we enter phase two, a defensive scheme of maneuver. The Combined Forces of Minkbrantha will set up Observation Posts, Sentries and Roving Patrols to monitor the defensive line. The Bloody Fifth will establish, equip and maintain a Quick Reaction Force capable of maneuvering rapidly to engage and destroy enemies identified by the CFM. The CFM will also utilize engineer to set up fall back positions to the rear of the QRF in order to ensure a hardline of defense should the QRF fail to destroy or degrade enemy forward momentum. We will then return to the offensive phase. Supply will be provided by the Tyhenese, support by the CFM and route security by the Bloody Fifth.

Notable Members