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User Bio
Real Name: Amy
Nickname: Ayanula
Age: 35
Location: All Over
Occupation: Other
First Visited BDI: 2000
Status: Administrator
Characters Played: Idelle Sarault, Niran DeClan, Sajaad Talaes, Hydek Tuseell, Aleah Dryksson, Ren Aariak, Xadim Purok

User Bio

Amy here. Been involved with online chat-based Free Form Role Playing since 1994. Got my start on a now defunct ISP, following the community there until it eventually went extinct. As RP slowly trickled off on that medium, I broadened my search for other communities and found BDI in 2000. I had been RPing on and off over the course of 2000-Now.

I was upped to Operator status in 2010, along with Margo in the channel. Over the course of a year and a half, Margo, Dan, and myself began to explore a possible move to DarkMyst and the idea of re-vamping the old website into a more interactive forum to bring the community together more. After getting together with Pat, we reigned in our resources and began to bring all of our ideas into fruition in order to achieve the platform that exists today.

Currently, my personal life doesn't allot me the time necessary to oversee the channel as a whole, thus most of my time is dedicated towards taking care of the site and behind-the-scenes work that needs to be done from an admin's aspect.