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Uzzo, keeping it classy, with his tophat and very fancy monocle
Vital Stats
Full Name: Ooze Zero (True Name Unknown), Uzzo Salksilek
Age: 2
Date of Birth: 486 ER
Place of Birth: Southern Arangoth
Race: Extraplanar Ooze, Non-Elemental
Hair Color: Variable (Default Black)
Eye Color: Variable (Default Dull Emerald)
Height: Variable (Default 6'3")
Weight: Variable
Additional Information
Nickname: Uzzo
Aliases: Arangire Uzzo Salksilek, Thron ul-Bain ul-Silbranth
Religion: The Progenitor
Occupation: Arangire of Wauzen and Goat Island, Thron ul-Bain ul-Silbranth (The Southern Margrave), Adventurer, Opium Baron, War Hero, Former member of the Drachean Council
Marital Status: Married

Character Background

Uzzo was not given birth, but rather, being an ooze, is a biological clone of the ooze that spawned him. The creature in question was a sentient extraplanar ooze, one seemingly capable of planar travel by some form or another. Why it came to this plane in particular or why it decided to fracture its mass to produce Uzzo are questions with no confirmed answer, and when queried the capricious entity only responded simply: "Because I felt like it. I could devour you if you'd prefer to be a part of me again?" Needless to say, this wasn't a favourable option for the neonate Uzzo. With whatever unknown business concluded that brought it to the plane to begin with, it wished the newly born ooze luck in its journey, offered it a few pieces of advice, a parting gift, and then departed the plane the same way it arrived. Before it left, it bestowed its True Name, along with a half-assed nickname as it noted, "Since there are no others of our kind here, I guess that makes you the first real one to make this its home. But, since I'm Ooze Number One that'd make you Ooze Number Zero. Ooze-0. Uzzo. Get it?" It then proceeded to laugh far too hard and far longer than anyone should ever feel comfortable doing so at their own jokes, proclaimed that the joke itself was far too funny to be truly appreciated by a newborn, and thankfully before Uzzo could lose any more respect than he currently had for his progenitor it skipped out on the plane as casually as it had arrived.

The pieces of advice were as follows:

1.) Only kill that which you intend to consume. If you can't consume it, why bother?

2.) Try to blend in with the sentient races, they get annoyed and violent if you eat them indiscriminately.

3.) Avoid zealots and anyone that claims to be altruistic, especially the religious ones of each. If you can't avoid them, eat them, but never trust either.

4.) Keep in mind that most species are fragile in comparison to yourself, you'll break them by accident if you aren't careful.

5.) Avoid The Progenitor under any and all circumstances. Seriously, it'll devour you without a second of hestitation. Avoid any plane it's taken root on.

6.) Survive. Easy enough, right?

And so, Uzzo rather aimlessly roamed the land, avoiding preying upon sentient species simply by happenstance since there was a plentiful natural bounty to take advantage of in its stead. Perhaps if the ooze had arrived during a famine or some similar strife he would have resorted to it without a second thought, but, the need has never arisen thus far. Eventually he made his way to the city of Drache, which is where his story continues.

During the space of little more than two years, Uzzo has compiled an almost absurd number of accolades and merits in such a short span of time. On 12.X.486, Uzzo was issued a patent of nobility for his contributions to Drache. During the same year he also participated in Southern Arangoth's Civil War, taking part on the front lines in the decisive battle of the Northern Pass that forced the Crown to the negotiating table and ultimately resulted in the formation of the seven duchies. On 26.VI.487, Uzzo was appointed to the Drachean City Council after the Interim Council dissolved itself, as well as granting him special dispensation for the cultivation of poppy on his lands. Prior to the end of 487 he won the government contract for the reconstruction of Drache's Harbour following the Menxrukian terrorist attack that destroyed them. 8.II.488 Uzzo was granted Stewardship of Goat Island. On 12.II.488 he applied for a marriage license at the Chancellory, taking Gudrun as his wife and took on the shared last name Salksilek, a combination of the Arangothian words salk-ua (to creep) and sil (ocean), as a show of loyalty to their country and as something to sign on legal paperwork.

Physical Description

Formless, amorphous, with a size and weight that varies heavily. Its default colouration is a deep black, which shines like wet obsidian in the light, though it can take on any shade or hue of colour that it desires. Uzzo's default humanoid form is that of a male human, slightly taller than average, short and slightly messy black hair, dull emerald green eyes and an appearance and physique that are best described as "plain" or "average" as not to draw too much attention. As a master of physical mimicry, what forms and appearance Uzzo can take are as wide and varied as the races and beasts are, and everything inbetween.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Blindsight: Utilizing an amalgamation of senses similiar to other species, along with a few that are completely alien in concept, the Blindsight of an ooze makes up for the lack of vision as a whole due to its entire body being a sensory membrane. Amongst these are a highly impressive sense of smell, the ability to sense vibrations in both the air and other materials, along with the ability to discern minute changes in air density and temperature. (Look up "Schlieren Flow Visualization" as a reference for how Uzzo perceives his surroundings). Due to being Blind he is immune to gaze attacks, visual effects, illusions and other types of attacks that rely on sight. Anything that does not have a direct effect on the physical plane cannot naturally be picked up with his senses. Additional unnatural senses alleviate this detail. (See: Eldritch Eye)

Ooze Body: Due to being an Ooze, he is immune to poison, toxins, sleep effects, paralysis, polymorphing and acid.

Cellular Gestalt: Rather than a single entity with a single mind or "will", Uzzo is comprised of millions of minds and wills that act in unison to process information and decide on courses of action. Due to the fine degree of control he can exert over his body as a whole, he can freely change the size and shape of it, taking on the form of whatever his imagination desires, within the physical limitations that he has concerning his current mass. For example, if he alters his body into a smaller state, it would raise in density, whereas a larger state than his current mass would result in a lower density, his weight and itself remains a fixed attribute. Having control over his acidic body also allows him to render himself chemically inert as to interact with other organic material without affecting it adversely.

Molecular Manipulation: Due to the expert control of its body, molecular manipulation is possible, albeit it limited and with several drawbacks. Once a piece of its mass has been manipulated into a different molecular alignment it is cut off from the main body's control and ceases to be a part of it for all intents and purposes. This change is permanent and the only way to regain a portion changed in this manner is to digest it and convert it back into mass, albeit at a lower ratio than the energy spent to create it since the digestion process itself requires an expenditure of time and energy. The alignment of its bodies makeup into crystalline arrangements similar to elements and other metals can result in extremely sharp and sturdy materials, as well as the extreme opposite end of the spectrum, resulting in highly brittle and heavily insulated materials.

Corrosion: Digestion is done in a variety of methods, chief amongst which against organic and inorganic materials is his naturally acidic body. He can also break down organic materials on a cellular level directly with his own cells. Organic material is far more susceptible and easier to break down and digest, whereas inorganic materials require far more time and effort.

Non-Elemental: Some oozes have an elemental affiliation, but as a non-elementally aligned ooze he has no weaknesses/vulnerabilities, nor immunities to any particular element.

Extraplanar: Uzzo is a purely physical entity, not a magical beast, and as such cannot be banished with arcane or divine magic to his original plane despite being an extraplanar entity. His plane of origin is neither a higher nor lower plane, but rather a parallel plane, which means he is neither a fundamentally good nor evil creature.

Partial Physical Ubiquity: The ability to physically exist and operate in multiple places at once. Parts that split off retain a single unified will, albeit cut off from one another beyond physical proximity, allowing Uzzo to go about his business as he pleases in various capacities with ease. Information, experience and knowledge are retained solely within each seperate entity, which can be exchanged fully by physical contact between portions. The only innate sensory connection between portions consists of supernatural ability to sense the relative direction and distance at which one is from one another, as well as whether or not they still physically exist (IE, full destruction of a portion would result in a lack of this sense.) This sense does not function on separate planes, and some forms of external forces may inhibit or block it from functioning properly.

Magic: While not a magical beast, the utilization of magical energies are possible the same as any other species. Due to the lack of fundamental training in this field it remains by far the least notable of talents he possesses.

Divine Magic: The Progenitor, like any God, can bestow several powers and spell-like abilities upon its kin. Fortunately for everyone, including Uzzo, he is currently ignorant of the full extent of these offerings. The only bestowed powers he's learned so far is Call (Ooze) and Govern (Ooze).

Eldritch Eye: A supernatural technique utilized in order to sense the flow of arcane energies and mana.

Consume (Arcana): Upon aquiring a method of sensing the flow and manipulation of arcane energies, and in true fashion to its ooze nature, Uzzo avails himself of a new foodstuff: Magic itself. Physical proximity is key to this supernatural ability to absorb mana, either consuming it for sustenance as it would any physical substance to convert it into biomass, but also the ability to absorb and store it for use as fuel in its own arcane endeavors. Items imbued with magic as well as spells can be absorbed, however, the process is slow enough that it offers only scant protection when on the receiving end of those of an offensive nature. Raw mana and spell matrices not fully formed on the other hand can be interrupted and absorbed with relative ease and celerity. Magical affects with lingering properties in contact with Uzzo can be corroded over time, essentially rendering permanent spell affects into temporary affects.

Crystallize (Arcana): A combination of Molecular Manipulation and Consume Arcana. Consumed arcana can be imbued and consolidated into crystalline form, used to forge condensed reservoirs of mana and arcane energies whose powers can be drawn from with ease to power magical abilities at a later time, essentially creating external batteries of mana.

Imbue (Arcana): After consuming arcana, mana stores can be imbued into various mediums, the only one which Uzzo is currently capable of imbuing with any measure of success is his own body, which can result in a variety of desired magical affects.

Adapt (Element): One of the most widespread traits of ooze-kind is its penchant for evolving to align and adapt themselves with their environments and taking on its qualities as their own. Uzzo has learned to sidestep this slow evolutionary process and hasten the rate of adaptation immeasurably. Once exposed to an element Uzzo can choose to adopt its traits as his own, taking on both its qualities and strengths, which serves as a double edged sword since it also means adopting its weaknesses and vulnerabilities to its opposing elemental forces. Adapting, as well as shunting its relationship with a specific element is not an instantaneous process, and as such a window of vulnerability to their natures exists before either is fully completed.

Consume (Element): As is a running theme with its primal species, the search for sustenance is an ever present concern and priority and isn't restricted to simply things of a physical nature. Once adopting the qualities of an element it becomes possible to draw sustenance from it, devouring and converting its energies for its own personal uses.

Crystallize (Element): A combination of Molecular Manipulation and Consume Element. Consumed elemental energies can be imbued and consolidated into crystalline form, used to forge condensed reservoirs of elemental mana and energies whose powers can be drawn from with ease to power magical abilities at a later time, essentially creating external batteries of elemental mana.

Imbue (Element): Once an element has been adopted its qualities can be imbued and extended to objects in its proximity. Objects affected in this manner themselves will shift their elemental alignment, subsequently taking on both its strengths and weaknesses in the same manner as the one who imbued them. This process can only be maintained so long as Uzzo himself is attuned to the element in question, once shunting these qualities any imbued objects will have its connection to it cut off and lose its associated properties.

Other Information


  • Call (Ooze): A Divinely bestowed power obtained from his research from the Endless Manuscript, which belongs to the subset category of Calling in the Summoning area of magic. This spell creates a one-way ticket for a wide assortment of oozes and slimes, transporting them from distant locations and even other planes. Creatures called in this manner cannot be banished since they are not magically bound to the caster or area they were transported to, nor are they magically dominated or controlled. Fortunately Uzzo, being the ooze that he is, is capable of communicating with them, and is left with the task of bringing them to heel personally (often by force, or threat of force) if their services are required beyond doing what they would normally do and simply ravaging/devouring everything in the area like the mindless beasts they are.
  • Govern (Ooze): This Divinely bestowed power allows Uzzo to dominate and command mindless oozes, it only functions when physical communication is available between the target and victim, whether it be through sound, body language or other non-magical means of interaction.
  • Augment Calling (Ooze): By utilizing both the divinely bestowed powers of Call (Ooze), along with Govern (Ooze), Uzzo reaches within and beyond the veil of planar boundries and drags others of his kind into his current plane, forcefully bending not only their wills, but their existences themselves and molding their form and function. How drastic these changes are depends heavily upon the creativity of their intended utilization.

Items of Importance:

  • Endless Manuscript: With the appearance of a journal bound in old, weathered and worn leather and filled with a dozen or two pieces of parchment, it would be easy to overlook this arcane item for what it actually is. The journal itself can only be given ownership to another creature voluntarily by its previous owner, otherwise it ceases to function and reverts back into a normal journal filled with sheets of parchment. At the owners behest, a fresh, blank sheet of parchment is produced when the page is turned to the next, adding another additional page to its contents. Regardless of how many pages are produced, the journal never changes in size nor weight, and any previous pages the owner has read can be flipped to on command if they have the page in mind. Any parchments removed crumble to dust the moment they leave the current owners hands, unless the page is given willingly, at which point it reverts to a normal piece of parchment containing the information written on it, at which point it is removed from the books contents completely. As to what information is contained within these pages is only known to its current owner, Uzzo, who has been attempting decipher its contents bit by bit while adding his own.

The Progenitor Mythos, Excerpt from the Endless Manuscript: The primordial ooze is often times used as a metaphysical or symbolic representation, but in this case it refers to a literal ooze. Once upon a time this extraplanar ooze was not much different than the primitive creatures around it, and none took notice of it as it consumed and grew in size and strength. As the eons passed, and life on the plane moved forward, it consumed. As generations of species came and went, flaring into existence and being exstinguished in turn as quickly as they came, it consume. As the sentient species and magical beasts struck bargains and furthered their understandings of the realms of science and magic, it consumed. And by the time they came to know of this creature, it was far too late for them to do anything about it, except await their eventual death and rebirth as part of it. The ancient beast grew, and when it ran out of land it entered the oceans, and when it ran out of oceans it crept onto the shores of distant realms. As it ran out of worlds, it extended its tendrils to the stars themselves. Ever consuming, ever growing, ever voracious in its self manifested destiny to continue its path of ceaseless consumption. The Gods and Spirits of the world, balking at its previous endeavors, now found those they were charged with guiding and protecting having vanished, their arrogance having given it enough time to grow powerful enough to challenge their claims, and in turn they as well fell before its bottomless hunger. Ever growing, ever expanding, this cycle continued again and again, until the entire plane itself was overcome by the entity. And then, there was nothing left, it alone existed.

Countless eons later, at the hand of a bumbling wizard who stumbled into the plane, one that immediately met a swift but no less painful death upon arriving, fractional portions of the Cosmic Horror level entity spilled out of the gate used by the traveler and into distant planes. Fortunately, once cut off from the influence of The Progenitor, these pieces adopted their own identities, and even more fortunate, very few shared the desires of their predecessor. Instead, they forged their own identities and wills seperate from it, and became varied and far ranging in intentions and demeanor from one another.

Some speak of their Gods in metaphors and fleeting interaction, ever puzzled and struggling to discern its desires and intentions. We, on the other hand, know the intentions of our God fully. Call it what you will, a Divine Being, a Cosmic Horror, a God, a Beast that knows only destruction, it is all of these things. One amongst countless that lurk in the deep recesses of the myriad of planes in existence. Strike a bargain with it at your own peril, but, under no circumstances, ever invite it forth.