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The continent of Veth

Veth is the continent where the setting takes place. It's the huge landmass above the South Sea and Alesia and to the west of Mwayambi and the Road of the World. The word comes from the Rashnaditz language, used to describe the known world. Veth is the largest known continent by surface area and contains almost all types of biomes.


Due to it's proximity to the equator, the winds on either side (north and south) blow from East to West. Rain shadows and distances from the oceans therefore influence much of the geography and aridity of Veth at various latitudes. For example, the mountains of Taj Jahan act as a barrier, whereby moisture is trapped within the higher altitudes, preventing it from reaching much of Najjir. The Inland and Eastern Seas have local effects that circumvent these topographical impacts. Relevant distance from the doldrums of the equator also bear into these conditions.

Southern Veth is comparatively bizarre, in that it experiences weather trends associated with latitudes further from the equator. This is mainly due to the oscillating, oceanic current coming from the South Sea combined with upwelling, which act together to draft cold air masses in from the lower hemisphere. Despite the moderating effects of the sea, some coastal areas such as Arangoth see trends more closely associated with continental climates.

It is not unusual at all for southern countries to endure harsh winter conditions. The spring and summer seasons often bring a barrage of coastal fog and marine layers in due mainly to the influences of upwelling.

Sample Northern Countries

Orjana is a land of mighty warrior lodges and witches who live in houses on chicken legs. The Tyhinn Empire is a mountain empire built by independent pioneers.

Sample Equatorial Countries

Najjir is a collection of mercantile city-states. Zul Kiras is an orcish powerhouse. Nahuatl is a land of ziggurats, ethnic castes and blood sacrifice.

Sample Southern Countries

Arangoth is a former mighty kingdom torn by internal divisions. Elvendeep is the homeland of the elves. Griffon's Aerie is a land ruled and guarded by proud griffons. The Assi are a group of raider tribes that spelled the end of a kingdom once.