Western District

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Western District
Geographical Information
Location: Western Drache
Geographical Features: Opulent mansions, manor houses, high class restaurants and impressive bath houses
Dangers: Heavily patrolled by the Civic Guard


As per its namesake, the Western District can be found on the western side of the Darian River, across from the BlkDragon District.


Over the years, as Drache has grown, the BlkDragon District has lost its position as the seat of Drache's rich and powerful, the vast majority of which have taken up roots in Western Drache. Home to the Podar ul-Sinetattel, opulent mansions, impressive manor houses, and no small number of high class restaurants and establishments to cater to the needs (and deep pockets) of its local population. While merchants may do business in the district across the river, those successful enough prefer to rest their heads here in the safety and comfort of others of their status. The Western Guard Barracks can also be found here, along with the Folvaholk Bridge, which spans the Darian River to connect the district to the BlkDragon District.