Yisuujah M'Awliat

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The Honorable Yissujah M'Awliat
Vital Stats
Full Name: Yisuujah Danesh M'Awliat
Age: 457
Date of Birth: 14. I. 25.
Place of Birth: Elvendeep
Race: High Elf
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Reddish Orange
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 130 lbs
Additional Information
Religion: She won't say...
Occupation: Magistrate, Animal Trainer
Marital Status: Single, for Obvious Reasons
Player: Suzthulhu

Character Background

This 400-some odd-year old high elf's tale is a long one. She has seen a great many things in her time, and yet by elven standards, she is still young.

Until just a few years after the declaration of Elvendeep as a Crown Province of Arangoth, Yisuujah had been a member of one of the houses whose members belonged to the Low Council. Since high elven politics were not wholly unlike those of the Drow, assassination attempts and poisonings ran rampant throughout the political circles, and body guards and other such protective measures were abundant. She held the much un-glorified task of poison detection, otherwise known as food and drink tasting.

After a few hundred years of this, she'd been exposed to just about every naturally-derived poison in existence, and even some magically-created ones as well. Strangely, she'd been sickened numerous times, but had never succumbed to any deadly effects. They had, however, begun to change her. The picture to the right speaks more than a thousand words.

Eventually, the now mutated high elf moved to Drache, where she began attending classes at the Royal University. Her new condition led her to study legal codes and edicts, wishing to be perfectly clear on where she stood should something untoward happen. She covered herself from neck to toe, her hands doubly covered at all times, to ensure that if she touched someone or thing, the poisons that now seeped from her skin would not leave traces behind to affect some unsuspecting victim. Contact with her skin means a rash, much like poison ivy, with terrible consequences for someone allergic to such. Her bodily fluids can cause a reaction akin to a bee sting, and beware to blood drinkers, for her blood is a highly-potent toxin.

Aside from her duties as a Magistrate, she raises and trains intelligent companion animals, including horses and other mounts, hunting dogs, falcons, and the occasional exotic bird.

Physical Description

Yis is on the tall side, an inch or two shy of 6 feet, but very slender and willowy. Her skin is tinted a strange green color, such that she appears sickly. Her eyes are a bright tomato red with darker pupils and show no whites. She keeps her hair short, usually around chin-length, to avoid overly tangling the spider web-like strands. At all times, even under the thick, heavy robes of her office, she keeps her skin, save for her face, completely covered to avoid accidentally poisoning anyone!

Talents, Skills, Quirks

She is very empathetic toward animals, able to gauge their moods and communicate with them through body language and touch.

Other Information