Church District

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Church District
Geographical Information
Location: East Drache
Geographical Features: Royal Church, Misc. Churches, Boarding houses
Dangers: Clergymen/women, Monks, Zealots


East of Merchants' Square, and northeast of the BlkDragon District, is a section of the city set aside for religious structures, and here one finds the Royal Church of Transdariania and its accompanying granary. Various religious affiliates and their appropriate houses of worship can be found here, along with housing and other facilities to accomodate the population. The House of the Silver Swan can also be found here, strangely enough, or perhaps suitably enough.


The Church District essentially sprang up around the eponymous Royal Church of Arangoth, with it serving as its central religious force due to high prevalence of Menxvanic worshippers in the region. However, many smaller unaffiliated denominations of all sorts can be found represented here to some degree, some moreso than others, and now offers a wide range of religions both native and foreign to Arangoth proper.