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Please use this page for all player character entries on the Wiki. Do not delete any of the fields in the infobox. Deleting them will cause a display error in the final page; leave them blank if you chose not to list anything in that field.

You can make links in these fields. The picfile field will automatically link to the file name listed. The place_of_birth and race fields will need to be manually linked for places and races within setting cannon; for example: placing the word Arangoth inside [[ ]] brackets will link to the Arangoth page. The brackets [[ ]] are required. Before adding a link, please either browse the appropriate category on the wiki for the place, etc, you are trying to link or perform a search to ensure that the page name is correct. The pages ARE case sensitive, so linking to Blkdragon Inn for example will not display the proper page, but BlkDragon Inn is correct. If a character's place of birth or race are not within setting cannon, please do not link them as this will cause a broken link to appear in your profile. If there are places or races that you want added to the setting, please visit the main BDI page and click "Submissions."

The username field references someone's wiki/forums username, and will generate a link to their user page on the wiki. The player field is their name or common nickname. If you're using the username field, you need to fill in the player field. The player field can be used alone.

{{Infobox Character
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| religion       = 
| occupation     = 
| marital_status = 
| player         = 
| username       =

=Character Background=

=Physical Description=

=Talents, Skills, Quirks=

=Other Information=

[[Category: Player Characters]]

Sir Woolly
Alternative text to the Woolly pic
The Magnificent Beast
Vital Stats
Full Name: Sir Woolworth Baaington of the Sresar Vale Baaingtons
Age: Over 9000
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Sresar Vale
Race: Dire Sheep
Hair Color: Ecru
Eye Color: Hellfire red
Height: 5ft at the shoulder
Weight: 2 tons
Additional Information
Nickname: Woolly
Aliases: None
Occupation: Eating GodPCs
Marital Status: Unmarried
Player: None

Character Background

Physical Description

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Other Information