Isabelle Auxerre

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The Lady Isabelle Auxerre is the Sithire of Transdariania, sorceress and several centuries old vampire.

Isabelle Auxerre

Lady Isabelle Auxerre
Vital Stats
Full Name: Isabelle Auxerre
Age: 843
Race: Human
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'1
Weight: 110lbs
Additional Information
Occupation: Sithire of Transdariania, Arangire of Nixke Nelki
Marital Status: Married to Asnerith Dreth
Player: Nymphetamine

Character Background

Isabelle was born to a wealthy human family over eight hundred years ago. Showing some magical talent, she was encouraged by her family to study the magical arts. By the time she was a teenager, she had become an astute sorceress, practicing a range of different magical fields. She was married in her early twenties to an older man who was intrigued by her; it was a significant match for her family.

Her natural talent eventually drew the attention of her sire, Dominicus Foratti. He watched her for a few years before he ever approached her but when he did, he knew that what he could offer her as her mentor was far greater than she could ever achieve in life. Isabelle's ambition and lust for power blinded her to whatever realities of the vampiric condition that might have dissuaded her. Abandoning her husband and family, she disappeared with Dominicus. Made his ghoul, she became his apprentice.

She spent the next several centuries caught between life and death, existing solely at the pleasure of her sire. After roughly six hundred years, her sire finally decided that she was worthy of the gift of vampirism, and turned her. This physical transformation heightened her mage abilities, granting her greater resources and now the life time to pursue her arcane studies. Eventually, her fascination turned to the Void and the magic of controlling and manipulating shadows and darkness.

When she reemerged into the human world, Isabelle seduced an Arangothian nobleman, Korlak Auxerre of Nixke Nelki in Transdariania and enthralled him. He quickly asked for her hand in marriage, which she was pleased to grant to him, if only because it would once again entitle her to certain luxuries. Her husband passed only a few years later in a tragic hunting accident, mauled by a she-bear. Though some suspicion was on his beautiful bride, there was no evidence of her involvement. The accusations fell away as she took over management of the Auxerre lands, as there was no heir from their marriage bed.

A chance encounter some years later introduced her to a strange elven lord named Ixylo. She later learned that he was a shadow dragon called Ixylo'xnx and her fascination with him grew. Ixy has tolerated her companionship as he would a favoured pet. Despite whatever pride she has as a very old vampire, she has a sort of reverence for the older creature.

In 485, Isabelle announced her marriage to Ixylo, who took her last name. She funded the expedition to rid Drache of the magma wyrm, Drogyoldiiv, who had been plaguing the city for the previous two years. Her motivations for this were twofold. The second dragon was a competition of resources for her companion and had to be dealt with. Additionally, she hoped to eventually secure her legal citizenship within Drache, despite her status as vampire. Due to her willingness to participate in the wyrm's destruction, she was given a seat on Drache's Interim Council following the city's declaration of freedom from Arangoth. She continues to serve, her identity both as a vampire and her connections to the Great Shadow undiscovered.

When the Great Shadow of Ruthmarna emerged and conquered Lurintheti-Netri, the capital of Ruthmarna, this effectively made Isabelle the queen of Ruthmarna, though her role as such is virtually unknown by anyone outside of the Great Shadow's immediate retinue.

Following the Great Shadow's departure from Ruthmarna, Isabelle shortly retreated from the region as well. Inheriting a dragon's library was better than monetary wealth, and she soon returned to Drache, continuing on as a member of the Interim Council. With the close of the Arangothian Civil War, Isabelle, along side the other councilors, broke the kingdom up into seven sithrangel, or duchies, each to be administered by an appointed local noble. As it fell out, with some engineering on her part, she was appointed Sithire of Transdariania. Invested over the summer of 487, she took up the mantel and workload of seeing over the bustling Drachean port and the Transdarianian farmlands.

Her first acts were to endow both the Royal University and the Mage's Guild with stipends of cash to foster Drache's growth as a seat of magical learning.

Physical Description

A petite and exceedingly fair noblewoman, Isabelle is barely an inch over five feet tall. Generally considered beautiful, the diminutive woman has a commanding personality that makes up for her relative small size. She is very pale, with almost translucent skin. High cheek bones and a high brow, her well bred features show little signs of the ravages of age. Her golden hair is nearly to her waist and well tended to. With delicate bones and lithe limbs, Isabelle possesses an almost supernatural grace in all her movements. She appears to be in her late twenties.

In actuality, Isabelle is a vampire. Over the last few years, she has fed exclusively from the Great Shadow of Ruthmarna, Ixylo'xnx, a shadow dragon. Her exclusive diet of potent magical blood has given her greater resistance to sunlight (though not invulnerability) and a false aura of life. Determining her undead status is more challenging, but not impossible. These boons allow her to pass as human in most situations.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Isabelle is a practicing mage with a focus on abyssal sorcery. She has spent several years researching the Void and the shadow planes. Maintaining a laboratory in one of the shadow planes, she conducts her research in peace, though to what end is unknown. Recently, she has begun to expand her field and has dabbled in various techniques that transfer the soul from one body to another. Blood magic and necromancy are recent subjects, but ones that she has been dedicated to.

Other Information

Isabelle is the current Sithire of Transdariania, following her time on the Drachean Interim Council during the Arangothian Civil War.

She is a full fledged citizen of Drache, and despite being a vampire, is protected under the law as if she was living. She has no use of human or mortal blood, possessing a source of dragon's blood that she could not easily exhaust.

Her ties to the Great Shadow of Ruthmarna and her status as a vampire have yet to be discovered.