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Feel free to use this template for your user bio. This template does not auto format anything, so you'll have to format anything yourself. Links to character pages can be made, for example: placing the character name Khial inside [[ ]] brackets will link to the appropriate page for that character. The brackets [[ ]] are required. If the name of the page itself is different from the name of the character, you may add the information inside brackets [[ ]] as follows: Character Pagename|Display Name. In order to separate characters in the infobox list, place either a comma after each name or an HTML page break (formatted as br inside <>). If you have more than 10 characters a) you should really reconsider your path in life, but most importantly b) you may add as many as you like in the 10th character field, separated by commas. The template assumes 10 characters at the maximum but additional characters can be listed in the tenth field if needed.

Before adding a link, please either browse the appropriate category on the wiki for the place, etc, you are trying to link or perform a search to ensure that the page name is correct. The pages ARE case sensitive, so linking to Blkdragon Inn for example will not display the proper page, but BlkDragon Inn is correct. If, for example, you wish to link a character page that has not yet been created, you may simply put the name of the page you intend to create inside brackets [[ ]], and then click on the red link to edit the character page at a later time.

Do not delete any fields, just leave them blank if you aren't going to use them.

{{Infobox User
| nickname       = 
| picfile        = 
| alttext        = 
| caption        = 

| real_name      = 
| birthdate      = 
| age            = 
| location       = 
| occupation     = 
| first_visit    = 
| status         =
| character1     = 
| character2     = 
| character3     = 
| character4     = 
| character5     = 
| character6     =
| character7     =
| character8     =
| character9     =
| character10    =


=User Bio=

[[Category: Players]]

Joe Bob Billy

Joe Bob Billy the Amazing
User Bio
Real Name: Joe
Nickname: Joe Bob Billy
Birthdate: December 21, 1900
Age: 222
Location: Boston
Occupation: Terror of the Deeps
First Visited BDI: Never
Status: Op/Admin Player/Loiterer Banned/Bot/Robochicken

User Bio