Cabalos Islands

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Cabalos Islands
Country Information
Language: Arangothek
Ethnic Group: A mix, humans
Religion: Menxism
Current Ruler: Transdarianian Naval Stronghold
Currency: Arangothian Currency


A small archipelago sits a few weeks' sail south of Drache. Arangoth and Pentland call them the Equine Isles after the wild horses that some explorer discovered there. In the dialect of Bahijans, Arrants and Ellurians, the islands are called The Cabalos. The islands have been home to pirates and ne'er do-wells from many nations bordering the South Sea for many decades. Recently, a merchant-instigated naval conquest by South Arangoth drove out the pirates and took the isles, beginning to renovate the port there, with significant tariff concessions to the merchants who assisted the war effort.

The Islands

Three main islands are of note, with scattered reefs and shoals around them. Stallion is the largest island with a population of about two thousand seven hundred. Mare is the midsized island with a population of roughly one thousand. Pony is the smallest, with a population in the hundreds. The islands are protected by a few decrepit guard towers, with Stallion boasting the largest fortifications. Since Arangoth's conquest, the navy has shored up the defenses and improved the port, with significant cash help from its merchant guilds.

Naval Conquest

The Cabalos have long been an attractive strategic location in the middle of the South Sea. They are nearly equidistant from Drache, Pentland, Secca and the Southlands, with available running water and safe harbors for ships. For a long time, the population consisted of seamen, exiles, wanted criminals, pirates and others who do not want to be under the realm's jurisdiction. Their leader for a time was a charismatic dark-skinned Bahijan pirate captain known only as Juba of the Agony. Reinforcing his grip were the captains Ethan Airelan of the Aurora and Eli Murchadha of the Indignation.

A coalition of scheming international traders led by the Bahijan Lauzan Treville and the Pentlander Vifrim Hespertide convinced the South Arangothian government that the pirates were a threat, while merchant ships, disguised as pirate vessels, conducted a few false-flag attacks on legitimate vessels. This was the push the Sithire needed to launch his virgin navy's first major campaign.

The pirates didn't last long against the combined firepower of the South Arangothian navy and its repurposed Pentlander warships. Airelan, who had played both sides, betrayed the pirates and Murchadha relocated to the Tuil Sianaach. Juba, the erstwhile pirate lord, was either slain in action or captured and executed. The Cabalos have since become a South Arangothian naval stronghold. But the real victory belonged to the merchants: now they have a cozy port with almost no tariffs and very liberal trade laws sitting right in the middle of the ocean to be exploited with minimal oversight.

During the Arangothian Civil War, Drache was able to keep ahold of the stronghold's naval assets, with them and the Cabalos Islands becoming part of Transdariania's territory after the end of the war.