Cathedral of Filth

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The Cathedral of Filth
Geographical Information
Location: Transdariania countryside east of Drache
Geographical Features: Trash dump, cathedral
Significant Resources: Trash
Dangers: Trash
Notable Plant Life: Weeds
Notable Wildlife: Opossums, raccoons, rats

In the past, rubbish from Drache was portaled into Ruthmarna. This was never an ideal situation and, after the Civil war freed Ruthmarna from servitude, new arrangements had to be made.

Fah Trah’s creation wasn’t planned, but he came at an opportune moment. Research into his abilities found that he has the ability to break down all manner of organic and inorganic materials at a rapid rate. To make use of his skills, the trash elemental paladin was given the position as the Waste Management Official and granted a parcel of public land to host his garbage dump just outside the Drache’s walls.

The Dump

Fah Trah’s dump is a terraced pit with an ever changing labyrinth that leads to a central structure made out of salvaged materials. His ability to create trash golems from pieces of his sludge gives him a workforce that can collect and bring back garbage from inside the city and sort inorganic and organic wastes. Trash golems are mindless with only their narrow given tasks to guide them. The most activity happens in the dead of night while most are sleeping.

The public is free to go into the dump to either bring trash or salvage whatever they find. But beware! Fah Trah is an irritable sludge, and those who bring him “perfectly good” items are liable to be accosted. If the trash is acceptable as trash, Fah Trah will often call upon his goddess to bestow blessings.

The Cathedral

At the center, on the lowest level, is a structure made from whatever Fah Trah can salvage. Wood scraps, bits of metal, stones, and glass are fused together with his arcane sludge to create sturdy walls, floors, and windows. The altar is a pile of garbage with a flat surface on top, but a mosaic of glass and stone pieces embedded into the sides portrays a raggedy goddess performing her final absolution during the death of a sinner. Above the altar is a rose window with a colorful geometric design that creates a dazzling light display during the day. The spire of the cathedral leans slightly to the side but is otherwise stable.

It’s difficult to get to the Cathedral, but this is most often where Fah Trag spends his time. He’s never finished making additions or adjustments to his masterpiece dedicated to the Goddess of Filth.