Korthos Mountains

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Korthos Mountains
Geographical Information
Location: Northwest Zul Kiras
Significant Resources: Gold, Iron, Coal, other various minerals and metals
Dangers: Exposure, Rock slides, Orc Clans
Notable Wildlife: Black Lion, Great Wolf, Gyrchin, Kokomahs Birds, Kuut'tha
Region In: Zul Kiras
Notable Settlement: Ra'Kuul
Inhabitants: Orcs, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Goblinoids


The Korthos Mountain range stretches along a northern portion of the Zul Kiran Empire that borders the Inland Sea, and is located between the Cyrmian Mountains and Khatarnak Mountain ranges.

Geographical Features

The Korthos Mountain range is, by a large margin, neither the largest nor tallest of mountain ranges in the region, which allows for a more diverse flora and fauna to flourish due to its lower altitudes. The range has served many an old kingdom or province in the past for purposes of mining various minerals and metals from its depths.

Historical Importance

In the ancient past a group of elves from the Soranion settled the lands in and around the Korthos Mountains as its original inhabitants, and over the long stretch of time since its inception they were beset by growing populations of orcs, goblinoids, humans and dwarves, who eventually encroached upon their claim. Countless skirmishes and minor territorial disputes eventually led the elves of the Korthos to retreat further into the range, and eventually into its depths. As millennia upon millennia passed, the physiology of these elves changed to suit their increasingly subterranean environment and lifestyle, eventually becoming the progenitor for all dark elves in Siveth.

A major schism erupted between two factions in the society, which led to the expulsion of a branch of dark elves who would become known as the Vuulari. The Vuulari themselves would later suffer from their own internal issues and split further into the dark elven societies known as the Gulanadurians and the dark elves of Bahr.

The dark elves of the Korthos, for a time, flourished in their own ways, but eventually came into prolonged conflict with the Dwarven Kingdom of Azagud, and to a lesser extent, the League of Princes whose territories overlapped the Korthos Mountain region. However, both of these nations fell victim to the growing war machine of the United Clans of Zul Kiras, and once the two had been exterminated, the dark elves found themselves with new enemies to take their place. The Zul Kirans, inheriting the dwarves troubles with the dark elves, waged war against them in the Year 278, which only deepened the animosity for one another, though the war ended without an absolute victor. However, in the Year 322, the Second Dark Elf War began in earnest, and the Zul Kirans practically exterminated the dark elves of the Korthos Mountains, the survivors of which were cast to the wind, some of which sought refuge in Elvendeep afterwards.

Now, in the modern era, the United Clans of Zul Kiras call the Korthos theirs, which is a bit difficult for anyone to contest due to their former inhabitants demise.