Dolurn ul-Dorn Rumunire

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Dolurn Rumunire
Vital Stats
Full Name: Dolurn ul-Dorn Rumunire
Age: 53
Date of Birth: 12.III.436
Place of Birth: Millabratel
Race: Human
Hair Color: Salt & Pepper
Eye Color: Blue
Additional Information
Nickname: Dolurn The Devout
Religion: Menxism
Occupation: Sithire of Transdariania
Marital Status: Widowed
Player: GMNPC

Character Background

Dolurn Rumunire is the eldest son from the arranged marriage between Arangire Dorn ul-Sarnroth of House Rumunire and Viscountess Sarlossa ul-Dolith of House Sallod, both of whom are now deceased. Both parents were devout followers of Menxvan, so much so that Dolurn himself was born in Millabratel during a religious pilgrimage, while the Rumunire lands themselves are located further northeast from the old city, roughly at a midway point between Millabratel and Delvipeska. Both the Rumunire and Sallod households are of the 'old blood' as it were, as evident by their ties to the older circles of Transdarianian and Leptatarnan nobility, leaning towards more conversative and traditional values that's common amongst their ilk.

Despite the old standing connections of the Rumunire household to the Crownlands and other northern noble houses, they sided with the South during Transdariania's bid for independance. Whatever had transpired as a catalyst for their falling out with the Crown during the interim is up for speculation, as Dolurn Rumunire himself is a very private man in most regards.

Dolurn's lordship over his territories can be considered stern, however, he has served to keep the safety and security of his vassals and their lands free from outside forces, and has developed and strengthened both their economic power and infrastructure further during his tenure after his late father's death. Dolurn married Floxod Tarsia ul-Felus Palathek, somewhat to his parents disapproval, and remained so for nearly thirty years before she died of health complications, having turned down the prospect of remarrying ever since. No heir was produced during their marriage, which will likely result in his nephew, the eldest son of his younger brother, Alfern ul-Dorn Rumunire being the next head of their house.

Physical Description

Dolurn is in fairly good shape for his age, now into his early 50's, though he's gained some extra pounds along with those years under his belt. He's a large, heavyset man, and despite a bit of a belly it isn't quite accurate to label him fat. His hair and beard were originally black, but have been steadily encroaching further into salt & pepper territory with each passing year, both of which are well maintained and trimmed in traditional styles that were more popular a few decades ago when he was a youth. He carries himself in an outwardly stern and serious demeanor, and could probably be considered physically imposing in that regard, the average person would probably put him into the category of people one wouldn't want to bump into in a dark alley.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Dolurn is said to have a fondness for hunting dogs and horses, and he himself in his youth, and even now, is said to not only be an impressive rider but a very competent jouster, albeit his age is beginning to catch up with him on the latter.

Other Information