Welcome to BlkDragon Inn, a free form roleplay located on Discord that just celebrated its 27th anniversary. The heart and soul of the game is the port city of Drache, the seat of the Duchy of Transdariania. A magical, medieval city set on the southern coast of the continent of Veth, Drache is a nexus for all sorts of people who call it their home and those that covet its position. Many people of different professions and persuasions make their living in Drache.

Become a member of the Mage Guild at the Sanctum Arcana located just outside the city to the east. Perhaps you’d rather play a merchant getting their start in the big city. Maybe playing a new healer at the House of Healing is more your speed. Mercenary more to your fancy? Go for it. The possibilities are endless.

BDI is a sandbox game. We have a huge, player-created lore repository for you to peruse and use for character and story building. We’re pretty lax in what we’ll allow, and if you have a good story idea that causes some destruction or chaos, chances are we’ll give you the green light.

If you’re a literate roleplayer who seeks to make their mark in one of the longest running games of all time, and isn’t afraid to build their own stories, then BDI may be the perfect place for you.

So come join us on Discord. Our staff and players are happy to offer guidance and help, not to mention welcome you to our community.