Welcome to one of the longest-running and popular bastions of Free Form Role Play on IRC: The BlkDragon Inn.

Immerse yourself into a medieval world that revolves around the port of Drache; a city at the center of a secession move from the Kingdom of Arangoth. As the stakes of independence take root, the newly established state of Southern Arangoth struggles to find it’s way in the world.

Join in on the constantly evolving adventures and capers of life amidst a diverse array of characters and plots. With a setting that details everything from local meteorology to fiscal economics, it’s not hard to plunge yourself into an entirely different world. The possibilities are endless with avenues to join the local government, standing army, or even the university – not to mention local businesses and groups.

If this is your first visit, check out the Quick Start Guide for more information about the channel and its policies. Still have questions? The FAQ is another great way to find the answers you may be looking for before getting started. Join us on the Forums for active discussions about the channel’s going-ons, or stop by the Wiki if you want to comb through maps of the world, learn about races, or just want more details about the setting in general. It’s a great resource to establish character backgrounds that will start conversations or conflicts.

So come join us on DarkMyst. Our staff and players are happy to offer guidance and help, not to mention welcome you to our community.