#BlkDragon*Inn has a gated entry process to our Discord. You can follow these steps to gain entry:

  1. Follow the captcha link from the bot, YAGPDB to confirm that you are human. This will be DM’d to you, so please have your DMs open.
  2. Enter your age in numerals in the channel, #age-verify. Once verified, your name will turn orange and you can proceed to the next step.
  3. Follow the link to our policies page and read through the policies to find the password. Enter it into #enter-the-password, your name will turn pale mint green.
  4. Select some roles in #roles and #pingable-roles to customize your personal settings on our Discord server.
  5. Develop a character to play, fill our simple character sheet on Google Docs, and submit it in #character-submissions for approval. You have one month to do this. You will be given a reminder at the two week point. Once your character is approved, you will be able to begin play.