Last Revised: July 18, 2020

Minimum Age of PCs

All player characters must be a minimum of 18 human years old. Characters of other, non-human descent must be the equivalent of 18 human years old. IE: An elf that is 80 years old might be considered the equivalent of 18 years old in the measure of a human lifespan. Character art -must- be age appropriate as well. We will not tolerate any “loli” content on our Discord or wiki.

Constructs and special exceptions are made for characters that have unique lifespans, such as a golem that acts maturely but is only two years old, etc.

No Copyrighted Material

Absolutely no copyrighted material is permitted unless owned wholly by the player in question. This includes specific names, characters, factions, detailed cultures or races, organizations and locations from any medium, be it movie, television, video game, comic, novel, et cetera. This list is not comprehensive and only provides the most common material. We are aware that this rule is extremely difficult to police effectively, as it’s impossible to be aware of every character (or organization, etc) in the millions of works of fiction. Any copyright infringement that the moderators are made aware of will be asked to be changed.

If you are unsure if your character or an aspect of your character, or story line borders on blatant copying, please speak with a moderator before playing.

#BlkDragon*Inn Is Medieval Fantasy

Characters should fit the setting. BDI’s setting at large is that of a late medieval time period in a fantasy world. This is not Europe, or even Earth, and those countries do not exist in the world of BDI. Technology should be kept fitting to the time period present. Lasers, space ships and Klingons do not exist here. You should not equip your character with high tech, power armor, phasers, space ships or semi automatic submachine guns, etc. Please see the Race guide and the Class guide for suggestions on native races and professions in the BDI setting.

Extraplanar Characters

At the moment, extraplanar characters are for storyline purposes and will be approved only as such. Any extraplanar characters created and approved prior to July 18, 2021 will be considered grandfathered into this rule. 

Character Progression

As a story-driven game, we’d like to see characters actually have to work at improving their skills. Magic or other skills shouldn’t be instantly attained after a night’s hard work. Whether it’s healing magically or mundanely, martial skills, or magical aptitudes, these are all things that people have to work for over the course of play. Accumulation of wealth and influence should also be played out, preferably with other player characters, but understandable if it’s something someone has to solo post to establish.

While characters are certainly welcomed to start out with wealth or extensive knowledge in their chosen fields, any further additions to their skill sets should be played out.

In addition, major character development or plot advancement for characters RPed in BDI that happens outside of the game’s Discord server is not considered canon. If a character originates from a setting outside BDI, their progression begins the moment they’re ported in. For anything substantial to be considered canon thereafter, it must happen in our game’s server. Moderators may ask players to retcon anything substantial their BDI characters achieve in side channels, other RP settings, or in PMs.

New Players vs Veteran Players

As it hasn’t been made very clear, the moderator team would prefer that new players start out with reasonably power level scaled characters. While this doesn’t mean you have to begin with a peasant or equivalently low powered character, it does mean that we expect new players to not go balls out crazy with what their characters can do. Due to the difficulty in playing certain character archetypes and races in BDI, new players must refrain from making undead, ancient dragons, full-blooded demons, and other character types deemed high powered. After consistent activity for two months, new players may make a demonic, undead, or high powered character for mod approval.

New players that have been consistently active for a month are welcome to start creating more developed characters that have ties to the local or distant setting, such as magistrates, guards, and nobles at the baron/floxod level. If you want to do something IC and you’re not sure if you are allowed, just reach out to the mod team.

Character Sheets

In order to maintain the setting’s integrity and provide a pleasant roleplaying environment for our patrons, BDI has a Character Sheet all players must submit and have approved for all characters. Sheets should be written with the same basic grammar that is expected during roleplay. Veteran players may make a Civic Guard and/or Magistrate character without it counting towards the maximum. Upload all character sheets to BDI’s Discord server in the #character-submissions channel as a Google Doc.

The moderators reserve the right to reject any character who we believe to be incompatible with our setting or hostile to the roleplay environment. If the moderators have a problem with a character after approval, that character’s player may be asked to make modifications or to no longer play that character in our server. Depending on the severity of the infraction and the player’s cooperation with the moderator, further consequences, including kicks and/or bans, may result.

While appropriateness is always a judgement call by the moderators, in general non-animalistic humanoids from traditional fantasy races are the absolute safest character type to avoid attracting unwanted problems. Humans, elves, dark elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, goblins, undead of assorted types, orcs, and even more exotic creatures such as minotaurs have been successfully played in BDI, and in some cases even had significant impact upon the setting.

If you feel this policy has been applied toward you unfairly, you may appeal it to the moderators as a whole by sending us a message through our contact form.