Aran Forest

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Aran Forest
Geographical Information
Location: Varies
Geographical Features: Nomadic Trees, Faeries, Magic
Dangers: Becoming forever trapped...
Notable Wildlife: Faen, the Ruler
Region In: Arangoth


The magic of Faen and the Forest hold total sway here, and due to its powers, Aran Forest will actually roam the plains of Inner Arangoth as if it had legs. The wood has been sighted near Drache itself, or masquerading as part of the evil Elgar Forest. It has even been seen as far off as the northern border of Arania, but as with other locations of Aran Forest, the wood never stays long in one place.

Most Notable Features

The Aran Forest is an ancient wood. Dark things inhabit places deep inside where no mortal dares to tread a foot. This is a magical place, from an old time and is watched over by an ancient and mysterious spirit. Because of its own magic, it is almost impossible to use magic inside this place. There are creatures here that date from the earliest times, and there are places, creatures, and even trees that will trap and consume the unwary traveler.

The Forest is a thing of utter magic, ruled by a mysterious creature called 'Faen' by those that have set foot within the wood. Inside the boundaries of this place, no mortal magic holds sway; wizards are powerless, and priests find themselves without the aid of their gods. The few spells which can actually be thrown within the wood are done so at great risk to the conjurer, as the aura of Aran Forest causes such magic to produce unpredictable results.