Azalia Stygian

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Azalia Stygian
Young Azalia Stygian
General Information
Full Name: Azalia Stygian
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 30
Date of Birth: 1.I.472
Country of Origin: Arangoth
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5ft
Weight: 105lbs
Additional Information
Religion: None
Alignment: Neutral Good
Creed: Help those in need of help
Occupation: Master healer at the House of Healing
Income: Modest
Marital Status: Married
Player: Nemmiecakes


Azalia grew up knowing that one day she would be sacrificed for the greater good. Her ability to generate mana and amplify magical ability marked her as the one who would renew and restore a being considered a god called Tzelanit to his former glory. She was raised under a geas of silence, and tattooed at a young age along her spine with thirteen magical runes meant to bind her power so that she would be at her greatest capacity when sacrificed to Tzelanit. Under her uncle Arius Kaedin's guidance, she only communicated with those within her religious order.

At the age of sixteen, and after much begging, she traveled to Drache with her guardian, Greer. In Drache, she learned the Common written language, and was instructed in the hand signals used by members of the Royal Church by Lakyle Stygian. After some time in Drache, Azalia and Lakyle discovered that Tzelanit was no benign god, but some sort of demonic being intent on being summoned into this world using Azalia's stored magical power. With the help of a number of adventurers, guardsmen, and Lakyle's family, Arius Kaedin's agenda was defeated. The thirteen runes tattooed into her flesh were painstakingly removed by Lakyle, and eventually replaced with different colored azeleas.

After the betrayal of family and purpose, Azalia dedicated herself to learning the healing arts, both mundane and magical. She uses her abilities to help those of the poorest communities in Drache, and has worked at the House of Healing since the events of Tzelanit's demise. She married Lakyle at a young age, and has been happily attached to him since.


Azalia is a quiet young woman, whose primary drive is to help as many people as she can, as some sort of penance for the fact she was raised by a bunch of demon worshippers intent on world domination. She prefers to try to see the positive in everything, and has a very caring, nurturing nature.

Physical Description

Azalia is a petite, youthful woman, with waist length chestnut brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin. During her time spent in Drache, she has lost much of her ghostly pallor and washed out appearance, but she has never put on additional height or much more weight.

Not often seen are the thirteen tattoos of different coloured azaleas on down her spine, each flower covering the scar of a drained magical rune that had been etched into her skin shortly after her birth. These tattoos were artfully inked by a local, arcane flesh crafter/tattooist sometime after each rune had been drained and unbound from her flesh. The tattoos follow a natural gradient of colour progression from just under her hairline on the nape of her neck, to the base of her spine, linked together by strands of vines and leaves.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Green Thumb: Through her education at the House of Healing, Azalia has learned how to cultivate those plants that can be used to aid the healing process. She often times utilizes a bit of magic in aiding or speeding the growing process during shortages.
  • Master Healer: Over the past thirteen years, Azalia has apprenticed under the founder of the House of Healing, Donnovath Braxalit to learn and develop the skills required of a healer. She knows how to stitch wounds, bind them, set bones and blood letting via leeches. Through the use of herbal infusions and poultices, she can aid in the mundane healing of many types of disease and infections.
  • Medicinal Alchemy: Azalia can craft non-magical potions from the herbs and plants she cultivates. These infusions and tonics help the healing effort of the afflicted body.

Magic Skills

  • Magical Amplification: It is a natural talent of Azalia's to amplify the use of magic through tactile contact. Effects have been produced in upwards of five to ten times the original power range, though the upper limit has not been discovered. The knowledge of this ability is reserved for those at the House of Healing, and her family. Very few outsiders are aware of this ability.
  • Magical Healing: Azalia has been trained to use her abundant mana to heal others. She can mend bones, speed heal injuries and purge disease and illness from patients as necessary. As any expenditure of magic would require, it takes time and concentration to do any of these things safely. The mental exhaustion far exceeds her magical ability, as the concentration required is immense, like that of any skilled magician.
  • Mana Battery: Due to the random happenstance of her birth, Azalia produces mana, or magical energy at a rate much faster than those of most magicians. This energy can be conserved, or transferred, but ultimately must be purged regularly in order to maintain a safe balance. Too much mana at once is a danger to Azalia and those around her, and could, in theory, result in an explosive expulsion of energy. To mitigate this, Azalia regularly helps supply the other healers of the House of Healing with mana, as well as her husband's activities at the Royal Church. This knowledge is reserved for those at the House of Healing, and her family. Very few outsiders are aware of this ability.
  • Potion Making: Azalia has been educated in the creation of magical healing potions. Infusing regular potions and infusions with a touch of magic amplifies their healing properties and can restore some health. These potions are usually supplied to the Civic Guard.



  • Iron Knife: This is a small knife, primarily used for gardening or when necessary in the use of blood letting.


  • None


  • Portable Healer's Kit: When necessity dictates, Azalia has been known to make house calls to patients who are too greviously ill or injured to be moved. This kit contains rolls of linen to be used as bandages, a small collection of a variety of herbs and plant matter to be used in poultices or potion making, pestle and mortar, a skin of fresh, purified spring water, and a number of other medicinal accoutrements.