Navy of Transdariania

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The Transdarianian Navy

Though other provinces may definitely have navies, Transdariania's is key to Drache's defense and the defense of the entire south-eastern side of Veth. This is due to location and size, as Drache is a massive city within Arangoth and as such it houses a massive navy relative to most other provinces.


The Navy of Transdariania was recently formed, thanks to the political and industrial restructuring that has occurred post Civil War. Previously, the naval affairs of Drache were largely handled by privately contracted sailors or privateers. With the recent construction of Drache's dry dock, however, there has risen the possibility for a fully-autonomous naval force to be created for the defense of Transdariania. If, at some point, the province decides to colonize or expand, this opportunity is also afforded.


The Navy is separated into four ranks, each under the watch of the higher ranking members. The first is the ensign, a rank that is largely very fluid but all seen under the same light by the Transdarianian Navy itself. This rank includes everything from ship cooks and deckhands to helmsmen and navigators. Under naval law, they are all seen as equal, though the vessels themselves may have a sort of internal heirarchy. One step higher is the captain, which is generally the most knowledable member of the crew and also the leader of the ship. They control routes, their ships, and the ensigns that man those ships.

The ranks above captain are more managerial in nature, though by no means are they barred from also captaining a ship. The admirals of the Transdarianian Navy are in charge of advising the captains, as well as coordinating large-scale operations. This can range anywhere from areas to patrol more or less to invasions on foreign soil, though the latter has not ever been exercised. The only rank above admiral is fleet admiral, and this is a position only granted by the Sithire in a time of total war. The fleet admiral is allowed full autonomy in the coordination of the Transdarianian Navy, as well as all production and commerce related to it.


The Transdarianian Navy is based in Drache, The Cabalos_Islands, Silekhorna on Goat Island, though Transdariania is pursuing other such footholds beyond these regions as it expands its influence. The Transdarianian Navy handles domestic and foreign affairs, such as trade blockades or foreign invasion, and will notably not interfere with matters of piracy unless encountered within international waters.