Step 1

Register on the forums. And then request access to the wiki by posting on this thread


Step 2

Once you have been granted access to the wiki, log in with your forums credentials, and then click your user name at the top right of the page. This will open your user page for editing. Click “Edit this page” and then copy/paste EXACTLY this information into the text box, from the {{ all the way to the [[Category: Players]]:

{{Infobox User
| nickname =
| picfile =
| alttext =
| caption =

| real_name =
| birthdate =
| age =
| location =
| occupation =
| first_visit =
| status =
| character1 =
| character2 =
| character3 =
| character4 =
| character5 =
| character6 =
| character7 =
| character8 =
| character9 =
| character10 =


=User Bio=

[[Category: Players]]

Alternatively, you can also view the template on the wiki.

Step 3

Fill in the appropriate information after the = in each desired field. If you do not wish to enter information in a certain field, leave it blank and it will automatically remove the field from the final page. Do NOT delete anything from the template infobox, or the page will look hideous and produce errors. Note that if you wish to automatically link to a character page, the name of the page -must- be in brackets [[ ]]. If the name of the page itself is different from the name of the character, you may add the information in as follows: [[Character Pagename|Display Name]].

In order to separate characters in the infobox list, please place either a comma after each name or an HTML page break (formatted as < /br>). If you have more than 10 characters you may add as many as you like in the 10th character field, separated by commas.

Before adding a link, please either browse the appropriate category on the wiki for the place, etc, you are trying to link or perform a search to ensure that the page name is correct. The pages ARE case sensitive, so linking to “Blkdragon Inn” for example will not display the proper page, but “BlkDragon Inn” is correct.

If you wish to link a character page that has not yet been created, you may simply put the name of the page you intend to create inside brackets [[ ]], and then click on the red link to edit the character page at a later time.

If you would like to include an image for the ‘picfile’ field, you may upload a picture and fill in the filename for the field (Suz.jpg for example). Instructions for uploading an image can be found here. The alttext field is there in case an image is missing or does not load. In that case, it will say whatever is entered into that field in place of the image.


Step 4

You may fill in any other information in a narrative format between the =User Bio= header marker and the [[Category: Players]] tag marker. Once you’re finished, click “Save Page.” Tada!

If you desire to edit your User page later, simply go to the page and click “Edit” on whatever field you wish to change.



This is how Suzthulhu’s user page is filled out.

{{Infobox User
| nickname = Suzthulhu
| picfile = Suzthulhu.jpg
| alttext = Yerma
| caption = Yerma

| real_name = Suzanna
| birthdate = 10 September 1978
| age = 34
| location = Georgia
| occupation = BDI Op, Intel analyst
| first_visit = Waaay back in 1996
| status = Master of the Universe
| character1 = [[Tarma]]
| character2 = [[Zesstra Riknueth]]
| character3 = [[Khial]]
| character4 = [[Natalia]]
| character5 = [[Yisuujah M’Awliat]]
| character6 =
| character7 =
| character8 =
| character9 =
| character10 =


=User Bio=

I started playing in BDI sometime in 1996, when I was still a senior in highschool. My first character ever was [[Tarma]], followed by Tevian and a whoooole slew of others, half of which I can’t even remember now! My first RP partners were Vindice, Ksuanidra/Siobhanne, Kesstryl/Lasiriven, and [[AngelSin]] and [[BLKDRAGON]] themselves. I’ve pretty much been here off and on ever since, minus a few deployments for the military and a hiatus now and then.

[[Category: Players]]