Drachean Ironworks

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Drachean Ironworks
Geographical Information
Location: West Drache
Geographical Features: Surly Ironworkers, Farriers, and Steel Fixers
Region In: Arangoth


The Drachean Ironworks are located in the western half of Drache, across the Darian River from the majority of the city.

Behind the Name

It is in the Ironworks that raw iron ore from the mines of Ruthmarna is smelted into iron and steel and then sold. The smoke, heat, noise, and eerie glow of the Ironworks' great furnaces has led some locals to refer to the place as the Dragon's Lair. Many of Drache's smiths are located in close proximity to the Ironworks, and this small area of the city produces most of the metal tools and weapons in use in the southern parts of Arangoth. The Royal Highway that connects Drache to Millabratel, Arania, and the Sresar Vale begins at the Iron Bridge over the Darian and runs past the Ironworks on its way out of the city, serving as one of its main overland trade routes.

Most Notable Features

A portion of the Ironworks District is the neighborhood known as Little Ruthmarna (Ruthmarnigi in Arangothek), where much of the city's dwarven population resides. The neighborhood also contains offices for individuals known as Factors, who act as representatives of various dwarven trades from the mountainous province. Some Factors represent mercantile houses and buy and sell goods, while others represent tradesmen and negotiate contracts for the services of dwarven architects, engineers, masons, excavators, or builders.