Mingit District

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Mingit District

A typical cluster of houses around a central courtyard.
Geographical Information
Location: West Drache
Geographical Features: Brick houses and narrow, crowded streets.
Inhabitants: Mingits


Two bridges connect the two sides of the Darian River as it splits Drache down the middle; one leads to the Iron Bridge and the Drachean Ironworks, as well as to a suburb on the west bank inhabited mostly by the Mingits, who fled their homeland in the far west over a thousand years ago. This district is among the most crowded and populated in the entire city, and at night, the district streets are nearly bare. However, the sounds of clinking glasses and old ballads sung riotously out of tune can be heard even from across the bridge.

Most Notable Features

The district is characterized by narrow, crowded streets and brick houses built closely together in clusters around central courtyards. The houses are odd in that they never have windows facing outwards, but only inwards towards these courtyards. The Mingits value fountains and public baths for cleanliness, and there are many such places scattered throughout the district's streets. There are no inns or taverns to be found, however, as they hold such places in disdain. Instead, Mingit gatherings in Drache are held in the courtyards of homes, with a different family hosting each night.