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The Kingdom of Aslar

Country Information
Motto: Where anyone can be King... for a year!
Capital: Gangikish
Language: Language of Aslar
Ethnic Group: Multiple races, especially near election time.
Religion: Polytheistic
Government: Annually-elected Monarchy
Current Ruler: Aslarit'iMuzh, The Griffon of Aslar, Loshlo Cu'a'itur
Currency: Aslarit'igisha (Aslarian Eagles)

The Kingdom of Aslar is a colorful and multicultural land in the Southlands Peninsula. It is known for its strange customs such as electing a new king each year, while beheading last year's ruler. It's an important economic entrepot due to its Grand Canal, which links the South Sea and the Eastern Sea, eliminating the need to sail around the Southlands.

Aslar recently warred with Elluria and Tollor until legionaries from the Alesian Imperium pushed it back and established a buffer zone along its borders.


For many centuries, the Kingdom of Aslar continued to expand southwards from a canal linking its two seas, being blocked on the north by the tall mountain range known as the Dragon's Spine. It absorbed various native races during this time. This expansion was finally stopped 198 years before the Arangothian Era by the opposition of the heroic Kel Ellure, who took over the southern frontier fortress of Sighrikish (now Tollor City) from its governor, Karishul, who was drawn and quartered. This pocket of resistance eventually grew into the Kingdom of Tollor, which recently merged with several other states to form the state of Elluria. On the southeast, Aslar was confronted by the Tyranori and Teldanari, who also established independent states and then went to war with each other for centuries.

In the 300s, Aslar came to the aid of the neighboring city of Antara (alias Ethcabar) just north along the western coast when Arangoth attempted to conquer it. The King of Aslar at that time was an Ethcabar native and was only able to induce the armed forces of Aslar to intervene by convincing them that if Antara fell, Aslar would be next.

Geographical Features

Aslar is located on the Southland Peninsula

The Dragonspine Mountains, a mountain range to the north, two seas to the east and west, and a canal linking the two.

Government and Politics

Aslar is known for its curious annual custom of selecting a new king by lot from all comers (foreigners welcome!) and then beheading the previous year's king. The annually-changing kingship probably dates back to time immemorial, as does a system of three viziers who govern the country. It's also not clear when the canal linking the two seas was built, or by whom, but whoever controls the canal collects tolls from passing ships. The palaces of Aslar are quite ancient and opulent.

Society and People

Many different races make their home in Aslar, including humans, dwarves, halflings, Rashnaditz, gnomes, griffons and others. Ethnic minorities from across the Southlands can be found in many Aslari cities, along with a substantial number of Nipangui expatriates in the province of Mutorior-Lithalle. Aslar has a dizzying amount of fashion styles, including clothing like turbans, pointed hats, scarves, kaftans, waistcoats, leggings, extremely baggy trousers and colorful robes. It is one of the most visually diverse countries in the south.


There is no state religion of Aslar, instead it promotes the freedom of belief that the destinies of the world are in the hands of a plethora of supernatural beings and dieties who inhabit distant and entirely inaccessible planes beyond the mortal realm.


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