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Country Information
Capital: Ruflin City
Languages: Tollorian, Ellurian, Aslarian
Ethnic Group: Humans
Religion: Ellurian Religion
Government: Monarchy
Current Ruler: King Treshire V

Tollor is an area of agricultural and marine abundance, with a well-educated and civilized populace. The majority are humans, being primarily fair and tall, with a scattering of elves and giants. Though the region has suffered much during a recent age of warfare, the resilient Tollorians have worked to rebuild from the devastation.

Tollor shares a rich culture with its neighbor Elluria. At multiple points during their mutual histories, the people of Elluria and Tollor were as one. Chaotic wars across the Southlands have shattered this unity and today, Tollor is politically a buffer zone between Aslar and Elluria, guided largely by the provincial governor of the Alesian Imperium that swept in as "peacemaker."

Ellurian and Tollorian explorers colonized multiple South Sea islands that have since become fully or semi-independent, including Bahija, Arrantiada, El-Ekki and Sevule.


Main Article: History of Tollor

Kel Ellure became the first Queen of Tollor in 196 BT (334 ER) after liberating the Southlands from the Aslarians, and the Ellure Dynasty ruled Tollor for the next three centuries. When King Regari died without issue, the Vilgren family seized power in the year 91 (621 ER). King Treshire I instituted an oppressive, autocratic style of rule that favored the Tollorian peoples over the closely related Ellurians, and was especially harsh toward the J'Lontz of the Northland. The Vilgren dynasty ruled until 466 (996 ER), when Winthorpe II and his Imperialist forces were defeated at the battle of Potter's Hill by Sir Charles Ruflin and the Loyalists. What followed was five years of war and turmoil that completely re-drew the map of the peninsula several times. At the conclusion of the bloody Southland War, a new Tollor was divided from the new Alesian protectorate of Elluria to serve as a buffer state.

Notable Historical Figures

Kel Ellure: The great hero of the Ellurian and Tollorian peoples. Kel Ellure drove the Aslarians out of the Southland and became the first Queen of Tollor.

Treshire I: Founder of the Vilgren Dynasty, King Treshire dissolved the Tollorian High Council and instituted the oppressive Rules of Conduct.

Sir Charles Ruflin: Leader of the Loyalist faction in the Tollorian Civil War that overthrew King Winthorpe II. Sir Charles was deeply affected by the high price of his victory and the loss of several close comrades in arms during the battle of Potter's Hill. He declined a seat on the newly formed Tollorian High Council, and retired from public life. He came out of retirement briefly to lead troops during the Tyranori War, and was instrumental in forcing the surrender of General Redsword. Following the death of his adopted son, King Eldryn I, he retired to a life of religious contemplation. His last known whereabouts were in Secca.

King Eldryn Ruflin: Also known as Eldryn the Chosen. Eldryn was the son of Katerin, a priestess of the goddess Ekki, and he was adopted and raised by Sir Charles Ruflin after his mother's death. His natural father was Uril Grendeck, a half-giant J'Lontz warrior who was Sir Charles' second in command during the Tollorian Civil War, and who perished saving Sir Charles' life in the Battle of Potter's Hill. Young Sir Eldryn distinguished himself with his eloquent oratory and skillful mediation of the secession crisis that followed the Civil War, and was elected as the King of the Tollorian and Ellurian peoples. When he married Laravel of Marland, the nations of Tollor, Elluria, and Emil were briefly united into a single kingdom. King Eldryn died a year after his coronation in a tragic accident, and the new Pan-Ellurian kingdom proved short-lived.

Geographical Features

Tollor is located on the Southland Peninsula

Tollor is a roughly wedge-shaped country in the center of the Southland Peninsula. It is bordered on the north by Aslar, on the south by the Rainbow River, on the east by the woods of the Northland. Much of the country is gently rolling hills dotted with farmland. The Green Hills region in the northeast is some of the kingdom's most productive farmland, and grows great quantities of wheat, oats, barley, and the famous Tollorian celery, which is exported throughout Veth. The delicious vegetable is a staple around the continent in its raw form, blanched, in soup, and even in ‘moonshine’ and strange ales. Dulsi is a major city in the northwest, and is the center of overland trade with Aslar.

Ellure is located on the coast and is the city's primary port. The city is famous for its shellfish, and also its salt. A system of channels along the coast lets seawater into shallow pools, where the water evaporates and leaves the salt behind to be harvested. Kelsville is located on the banks of the Rainbow River, and acts as the port town for the capital of Ruflin City.

Government and Politics

When Treshire Vilgren I ascended to the throne in the year 91 (621 ER), he dissolved the Tollorian High Council and instituted the restrictive Rules of Conduct, granting nearly unlimited power to the monarchy. After Winthorpe II was deposed in the Tollorian Civil War, the new ruling High Council abolished the Rules of Conduct. When Prince Treshire Vilgren became King Treshire V of the revived Tollorian Kingdom, he made the deliberate choice to rule in the traditions of the founding Ellure dynasty, and has continued to govern with the aid and counsel of the Tollorian High Council.

Notable Government Officials

King Treshire Vilgren V: is the son of the late King Winthorpe II of Tollor. Most critics trace the instability of the peninsula from the civil war in which the unpopular King Winthorpe was driven from his throne. Treshire lived in exile in Aslar, and worked ceaselessly to attempt to ameliorate the condition of the Ellurians resettled in northeastern Aslar during the Southland War. He is a direct lineal descendant of Kel Ellure through his mother's line. Unlike his autocratic father, Treshire is popular among the people of Tollor and Elluria, and was acceptable to both the Alesians and Aslarians when they negotiated the recreation of the Kingdom of Tollor as a buffer state between Aslar and Elluria. Treshire has been a hard working and energetic king, and has spent the years since the war rebuilding and trying to return Tollor to prosperity.

Janil of the Green Hills: Speaker of the Tollorian High Council, and high priestess of the Temple of Gitaro in Ruflin City.


Tollor has been a traditional military and naval power in the region for centuries. Tollor's naval might reached its zenith during the Tollorian Silver Age, but its dominance of the seas ended with the Brackish War.


Main Article: Ellurian Religion

The people of Tollor worship the Ellurian Pantheon. Priests of the god Gitaro are respected leaders and often serve as advisors to the government. The Eclipse Monastery also makes its home in Tollor.

Society and Peoples


Most people people of Tollor speak Tollorian, a language similar to but not entirely identical to Ellurian. There is also now a significant minority population of Aslarian speakers in Tollor as a result of the Southland War. Due to the depopulation caused by the war, plagues, and refugees fleeing to other nations, King Treshire V allowed the Aslarian ethnic minority groups that had been resettled in Tollor after the Aslarian conquest to remain.