BlkDragon Inn

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BlkDragon Inn
Established In: 465
Location: BlkDragon District of Drache
Type of Business: Inn and Tavern
Owner: Rantan (formerly BLKDRAGON)
Notable Employees: Dulcina, Orwell, Woolly

Drache's most infamous inn was established by their Majesties BLKDRAGON and AngelSin in 465, as a social place outside Castle Black. Soon the place became a haven for the city's aristocrats and lowlifes alike, and also as a stop for travellers of all sorts. At any given hour one can meet warriors locked in mortal combat, farmers from outside the city enjoying an ale and a thrill, extraplanar monsters, clever thieves, or high ranking officials using the tavern as a place to conduct business. The law is sometimes maintained by a passing Civic Guard - the Guard headquarters being just down the street.


The Inn is an establishment built to accommodate a dragon. The commons have a high ceiling with a couple skylights approximately 15 foot from the floor. Rafters about 10 foot above the floor. The bar faces the doors and and a balcony wraps around the upper area from above the bar to where the second floor starts. Stairs lead upwards to the rooms above and stop at a balcony. A small hallway leads to the rooms and ends in a wall of window. There is a mirror behind the bar and on the rafters are metal spikes driven into the wood and a scattering of broken glass glued to the rafters. Tables are scattered around the commons. There are two hearths with a couple couches in front of them as well as a few easy chairs. Also there is a side door leading out to the stables and arena.

There are stables for patrons' animals and a secondary hall beneath the bedrooms which can serve as a space for private parties or exhibitions.


Despite the lawlessness of the inn, it is not Drache's most dangerous. That distinction belongs to La Cruz Doble, in the Wharf District. It is quite possible to keep one's head low and come to no trouble in the Blkdragon. Rather than being a place to get murdered by the Drachean locals, the inn is better known for being the post for foreigners and those new to the city.


Once owned by BLKDRAGON himself, the inn's current owner is an elderly man named Rantan, who oftens tends bar. Other staff include Dulcina, beloved for cheerfully serving meals and drinks in the midst of bloodshed, Orwell, the drunken town crier of Drache, and Woolly, a Sresar Vale Dire Sheep who steps in when a patron poses extreme danger to the lives and safety of the other patrons.


Constant fires in 465-66 forced the decision to enchant the whole building - it is now impossible to burn the inn down by means normal or magical.