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The Civic Guard is charged with enforcing the the Laws of Transdariania and the Criminal Code of Transdariania, protecting the citizenry, and maintaining the peace. Fealty to the Duchy shall be unwavering. The Nobility of Transdariania in no way has any authority to command guardsmen; the members of the Civic Guard are subject only to the orders of their superior officers, the Sithire of Transdariania, or the Lord Protector of Transdariania.

Law and Order in Transdariania

While Drache has the largest contingent of the Civic Guard by far, there are detachments stationed in every city and town in the provinces of Transdariania. Each detachment has its own captain. In small villages, one member of the Civic Guard will be stationed as the Sheriff (Aptentrod), generally assisted by deputies from the local lord's private guards.

The Provincial Guard patrols the countryside, particularly the roads and borders. The watch and the guard cooperate when necessary, but their jurisdictions generally don't overlap much. The Lord Protector oversees both the Civic Guard and the Provincial Guard, but cannot take direct command of either organization without permission of the Sithire. The Lord Protector is appointed by the Sithire, who governs the provinces Transdariania on behalf of the Noble Estates. The Sithire trusts the Lord Protector and the Captain to do their jobs, and generally doesn't have much of a direct impact on the guard, except when it comes to passing new laws to enforce or appropriating funding.

The Civic Guard in Drache

The current strength of the Civic Guard is approximately five hundred individuals in the city of Drache. Civic Guard operations are divided into three precincts, the Upper City, the Lower City, and Western Drache, each of which is overseen by a Commander, who in turn reports to the Captain of the Guard. Approximately three hundred guards operate out of the main guardhouse, which is located in the BlkDragon District in the Upper City. Guards from the main guardhouse patrol the BlkDragon District, The Market District (where Merchants' Square is located), the Royal Church District, the Forest Reserve, the Chancellery; and the Royal Church granary. The Western guardhouse force of two hundred is responsible for patrols in West Drache, the Mingit District, the Diplomatic District, the Ironworks District as well as stationing guard details at Castle Black to protect the treasury, castle granary, and armory; the guard's armory; and the Podar ul-Sinetattel (the Sithire's administrative headquarters). In addition, guards serving in administrative positions and as jailors for the guardhouse's dungeon levels are counted among the Western guardhouse's numbers. Deployment of guards is tracked on a large slate in the guardhouse, indicating whether a given guard is in the guardhouse, out on patrol, or off duty, and if a guard doesn't show up for work or fails to check in before going home at the end of his or her shift, the absence will be noted and investigated.

The main guardhouse is a large, fortified stone building located just down the street from the BlkDragon Inn. A standard cell in the guardhouse dungeon has thick stone walls, and a heavy iron door with an observation window covered by bars. Cells may or may not have a window, which is reinforced by steel bars and magical wards. A narrow slot at floor level allows the guards to slide a tray with food and water into the cell. Cells do not have beds that could potentially be disassembled by prisoners and made into makeshift weapons; rather, a slab of stone protrudes from one wall of the cell and is covered with a straw mattress. Each cell is also equipped with a chamber pot that drains into Drache's sewer system. Some cells are fitted with shackles on the wall to restrain particularly violent prisoners. Due to the number of magic-users in Drache, the entire guardhouse is magically warded to prevent teleportation (or other forms of supernatural travel) into or out of the guardhouse, and some cells are specially designed to house supernatural creatures or other especially dangerous individuals.

The remaining one hundred guards make up the Lower city as the Wharf Patrol, which was created in an effort to clean up the city in the year 471. The wharf granary had been used as the temporary headquarters for guards trapped in the Lower City during a plague, since it was already a heavily fortified structure to protect the city's grain supply from fire and looters. During the cleanup efforts, the granary complex was expanded and further fortified into a permanent garrison for the Wharfers. The Wharf Garrison contains holding cells for prisoners, though these are usually used to hold drunks until they sober up or temporarily hold prisoners until they can be transferred to the guardhouse's dungeons. The Wharf Patrol is responsible for the Wharf District, Red Lantern District (including the Xiunlan Quarter), and the Gessi District. The guard rarely ventures into the Back Alley, since doing so usually turns out to be more trouble than it's worth, and patrols of it aren't standard protocol. Members of the Wharf Patrol always patrol in pairs, some times accompanied by attack dogs, and Wharfers receive a 10% bonus to their salary for hazard pay. The Wharf Commander can request additional manpower from the main guardhouse when needed.

Uniform Regulations

Guard formal/parade/banquet uniform is black tunic, pants and boots, with a grey stripe down the outside seams of the pants, and a grey cloak clasped by a pin that denotes rank. The pin takes the shape of a shield and depicts the Civic Guard insignia, a silver dragon rampant on a black field, which has different symbols around it to indicate the rank of the guard (As indicated on the table below). Grey armbands embroidered with the guard insignia and the individual's rank are worn on the upper arms over the tunic. Officers above the rank of Corporal are given a silver-braided rope worn on the left shoulder, and officers above Lieutenant are given a gray silk sash to wear under their swordbelts. Decorations and medals are worn on the right breast. Guardsmen are issued ceremonial daggers, while Non-Commissioned Officers are issued straight broadswords. Commissioned Officers are issued ceremonial curved Khalar sabres. If approved by the captain, issued ceremonial blades may be replaced with other blades that the guardsman supplies for the formal uniform.

Rank Insignia
Arms Recruit/Spell Recruit Base Insignia
Armsman/Spellcaster Base Insignia +1 White Sword/Swirl
Arms Corporal/Spell-Corporal Base Insignia +2 White Swords/Swirls
Arms-Sergeant/Spell-Sergeant Base Insignia +2 Silver Swords/Swirls
Arms-Lieutenant/Spell-Lieutenant Base Insignia +1 Gold Sword/Swirl
Arms-Commander/Spell-Commander Base Insignia +2 Gold Swords/Swirls
Captain of the Guard Base Insignia over a Silver Shield

Magic-using Guards may substitute a black robe for the tunic and trousers of their dress uniform if they so desire. The robe has grey trim at the cuffs, collar, and hem for guardsmen; officers' robes have a pattern of dragon scales embroidered on the trim in silver thread. Spellcasters carry carved wooden staves as ceremonial weapons; officers carry staves with a silver dragon's head ornament atop it.

Uniform on patrol does not have to conform with the formal dress standards of the guard, though the gray cloak is required, as is the insignia pin. Alternately, a pair of gray armbands embroidered with the guard insignia and rank can be substituted for the cloak in hot weather. The rank pin can be worn on the breast or the belt if the cloak is not worn, so long as it is prominently displayed. Individual equipment and armor are allowed on patrol. Because the guards tend to be highly trained in their unique abilities, equipment for patrols is not standardized and left to the individual guard's discretion.

Available Resources

Members of the Civic Guard have a plethora of resources available to them at any given time. These resources are meant to strengthen the force and ensure the highest of standards are met.


While many guards are already accomplished warriors or wizards, green recruits aren't left to fend for themselves. Arms training and basic hand-to-hand combat skills are taught by veteran guards. Novice spellcasters can receive training through the Royal University.

A salle was constructed in the back of the main Guard House for training purposes. It is closed off from the public and accessible only by members of the Civic Guard and their support staff.


When the Royal Legion disbanded several years ago, the guard took over a substantial portion of its armory. Guards who don't have their own weapons and armor, or who would like pick up some new equipment, can scrounge up just about any sort of mundane military equipment. The armory may also include weapons and armor confiscated from criminals, so exotic or even magical equipment might occasionally be found in the armory.


Each guard is issued one pair of null magic shackles to use for restraining individuals for transfer to the guardhouse dungeon. These shackles are quite heavy, designed to restrain creatures much stronger than humans, and they prevent the captured individual from using magic or having magic used on him/her. These shackles cannot be picked or removed save by a member of the guard or a Magistrate


The guard took possession of the Royal Legion's former barracks in Drache, so free housing is available for guards who need it. There's very little privacy in the barracks, but at least it's warm and dry.


The guard would have a frightening mortality rate if they were unable to provide medical treatment to injured guards. There is an infirmary in the main guardhouse with a staff of full time healers to patch up injured members of the guard as well as injured prisoners.

Death Benefits

Some times, even the guard's healers can't prevent the worst from happening. The Civic Guard will pay the funeral expenses of any guard killed in the line of duty. Furthermore, the family of the slain guard will continue to receive the guard's full salary for a period of one year.

Canine Patrols

The guard used to keep a small number of Griffons for use as flying mounts. Lord Protector Mistwinter transferred the Griffons to the Provincial Guard, citing the greater territory to be covered. The former rookery has been transformed into a kennel, and the guard has Khalar Herding Dogs available for use as attack dogs for members of the Wharf Patrol. The kennel is overseen by a woman named Paxida, who trains the dogs and also trains guards to work with them. Wharfers who'd like to be considered for this program should make a request to the Captain of the Guard. While this is intended to augment the Wharf Patrol and help keep guardsmen safe, the dogs are not a substitute for a human partner. Paxida also has bloodhounds available for tracking suspects and searching out contraband, available for duty as needed.


With the recent uptick of vampire activity in and around Drache in the year 489, the Civic Guard created the Bathiretil (Inquisition) for the express purpose of investigating and eliminating vampiric threats to the citizens. Arms-Sergeant Lane Silverbow was tasked with heading up this new unit within the guard, which functions autonomously and separate from the guard as a whole, answering only to the Captain. Only members of the guard can join the Bathiretil, though Bounty Hunters can be utilized on an as-needed basis for confrontations.

Members of the Bathiretil are still responsible for regular guard duties when they are not involved in vampire-related investigations, and follow the normal Civic Guard hierarchy. Those who join the unit are given a pin to wear in addition to their guard badge, of a fanged skull with a pair of crossed stakes behind it, and are given the title Balthire. (Inquisitor)

Port Authority

The Port Authority work closely with the Transdarianian navy, though their purposes and methods of operation are wholly different. The Port Authority serve as customs officers, as well as collectors of levies and tariffs. The Port Authority itself, therefore, has no naval vessels; instead, they are control of the port of Drache's on-land defenses, such as the gates and ballistae and black powder cannons. Small ship-to-ship vessels are used for boarding, and if necessary, naval vessels are called upon to assist should they require them. The Port Authorities jurisdiction covers the entirety of the harbour.

The Port Authority's main concerns are smuggling and piracy, as most foreign nations comply to any tariffs imposed by Drache itself. If a vessel and its captain do not comply to such mandates as a tariff, they are simply barred from entering the port, with force if absolutely necessary. On the topics of piracy and the illegal smuggling of goods, there are a variety of tactics employed by the Port Authority.

The first (and most prevalent) tactic utilized to combat piracy is simply to ensure that the captain of the ship truly does own the goods being delivered. This is largely done via ledgers and bills of sale being verified, though there are a few prevalent merchants that are wholly trusted by the city of Drache. The Sithire only can decide which merchants are counted among the "friends of Drache", and those merchants must hold a missive with the Sithire's personal seal.

The second practice used by the Port Authority is quite a lot more simple. If an act of piracy has been reported the goods of the raided vessel will need to be reported. Any ship carrying the same cargo, unreported, will be immediately accused of piracy and charged with the full extent of the law bestowed upon The Chancellery.

To combat smuggling, the Port Authority utilizes an entirely different method. Each ship, prior to even being inspected, is expected to be given express permission to enter the port. This is done by way of anchoring near one of the nearby watchtowers and waiting for a rose-red signal to be sent by the central Port Authority office. If a ship skips this check-in, it will be flagged down, and if it continues onward it will be sunk without further warning. The port's upkeep is not of the Authority's concern, only the defense of Drache and its economy.

Current Roster

A current roster can be found amongst the Officials listing.